Pets Token

Pets Token

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Pets Token is a self-rewarding autonomous yield BEP-20 standard token that leverages the best of the Defi protocols allowing token owners to benefit from continually generating rewards in perpetuity. The ingenious protocol ensures liquidity, rewards and token value are progressively increasing as the network transactions increase.
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About Pets Token

The DeFi space has exploded in recent months. Yield Farming, Staking and Liquidity Mining have taken the space by storm, with participants earning by basically "locking" their tokens for a time. While generally great, these concepts have one downside: impermanent loss (IL). If you are farming/staking and the value of the underlying token changes significantly, even though you still get rewards, the value will be far less than if you simply held your tokens.

PETS is an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol that aims to directly reward its holders whilst concurrently increasing liquidity. This is funded by a 5% fee taken from each and every transaction. Consequently, the protocol has a permanently increasing price floor, with all investors earning additional PETS just for holding.

Technical Info

Launch Date Token Distribution:
  • 0% Pre-sold
  • 2% Reserved
    • 1% Core Team Development Fund
    • 1% Advertising / Marketing Team Fund
  • 62% Listed For Sale at PanCake Swap at market value
  • 36% locked in LP Liquidity Tokens
  • Transactions are capped at, 1,000,000,000 per transaction
  • 5% Fees added to every transaction


30 Days Growth:

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