Perky Pika NFT

Perky Pika NFT

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1111 Unique Pikas hopping on Solana Blockchainю
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About Perky Pika NFT

Perky Pikas is a collection of 1,111 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Join our community to get involved in the earliest stages of indie game development, warts and all! Help shape the world we are building!


Play as your Perky Pika in our 2D top down game in the style of Runescape. Level up skills to progress through the game and become the most famous Pika in the Pikaverse! Get access to an upgradable land plot through owning a ‘Pika Key’.


Stake your Pika to earn LEAF coin which can be used to upgrade your NFT traits, evolve baby pikas or upgrade your in-game land plot.

Perky Pika NFT Roadmap

  • Perky Pikas

  • 1,111 pikas were sold on the Solana blockchain.
  • Leaf Coin

  • Release of our utility coin used in the Pikaverse.
  • Pika Key Airdrop

  • Pika keys airdropped to holders. Keys grant access to an in-game land plot.
  • Staking

  • Earn 5 leaf per day per pika or 10 leaf per key per day.
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  • Breeding

  • Qualify for seasonal breeding by owning two pikas and a pika key!
  • Website relaunch

  • Including a custom rarity tool!
  • Rarity Upgrading

  • Use your LEAF coin to upgrade your trait rarity which affects in game skills.
  • Evolutions

  • Evolve your baby pikas to obtain in-game mounts! Evolve rarer pikas to get rarer mounts!
  • Build out Pikaverse

  • Ongoing development of our Runescape like MMORPG.
  • Expand Pikaverse

  • * Multiplayer

    * Combat, Woodcutting, Foraging and Crafting

    * First quests

    * Wallet and account integration
  • Upgradable land

  • * Mining, Smithing and more

    * Partner integrations

    * Become a true P2E game

Perky Pika NFT Last News

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