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About PathDAO

PathDAO is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain metaverse (game + social + NFTs)

$PATH Token All funds raised during IDO will be channeled into PathDAO Treasury. As the treasury grows through strategic investments, so does the fair value of the token. Use of Funds All funds committed by PathDAO members will be utilised for 3 main purposes - 80% investment warchest - 15% community building and marketing - 5% for operations Governance A few months into operation, PathDAO governance will be activated via snapshot on e.g., - Investment council election - Fund utilisation - Subsequent project launches

Creating a path into the new era of play to earn PathDAO will consistently deliver alpha by being at the frontier of innovation in the blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystems.   Play-to-earn scholarships Profit sharing with players who cannot afford the initial capital to start their play-to-earn teams (e.g. Axie Infinity scholarships). 70% of earnings are retained by scholars, 15% by managers and 15% by pathDAO. Establishing communities in the multiverse of games With more than 1,000+ scholars today in Axie, Vulcan Forged, and League of Kingdoms, PathDAO continually seeks to expand its gaming community into promising and fun games, creating value for both players and game creators.

PathDAO Roadmap

  • Fintech for the underbanked

  • The majority of P2E gamers are underbanked.

    PathDAO being the income distributor for P2E gamers, we have data points around a user/scholar on how much they earn, when their payouts are, what is their historical gaming performance and hence the future earnings potential as well. These would enable PathDAO to be the on-ramp of financial service adoption for this group of underbanked.

    Through partnerships with Fintechs and other institutions, PathDAO will be able to bring insurance, micro-loans, investment, money transfer services to the scholars and also to the wider P2E community and guilds.
  • Value to creators Game launchpads

  • Crypto games have earned recognition as some of the most profitable blockchain products and consequently, gaming items and tokens have become extremely desirable.

    With the support of the wider community and the play-to-earn social networks, we are developing the Game Launchpad for the Metaverse IGO (Initial Game Offering). We will also offer marketing support from our in-house content influencers to generate marketing content across all social media channels.
  • Performance dashboards

  • The founding team comes from technology companies, finance and management consulting. We understand the importance of real-time data and data-driven decision making.

    A PathDAO performance dashboard includes the daily earning of all scholars across all subDAOS (all game ecosystems), accounting (yield from treasury, inflow and outflow of funds) and the latest market value of PathDAO assets.


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PathDAO Team

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Jansen Teng
Chief Executive Officer
Wee Kee
Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Caleb Tay
Chief Technology Officer

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