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The P9DATA Token is your all access ticket to the future Decentralized online audio repository facilitated and updated regularly by 2DECENT Recordings, A Multi-Genre Recording Label Devoted To EDM & Rap/Hip-Hop Music. Funds raised during the crowdsale will be utilized to the kickstarting of a Decentralized Recording Label & Artist Management Group Fueled By Ethereum Swarm and constructed with an infrastructure centered upon Ethereum and Ethereum Classic,
Nov 3, 2018
Feb 4, 2019
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About P9DATA

Furthermore, at some point, we are tossing around the idea that we may be able to utilize Swarm in a way that we could get it to eventually serve as the backbone of some type of subscription based content delivery service where not only would participants gain exclusive access to their favorite Artists personal database, but they could also opt-in to receive new releases delivered directly to one or multiple of their favorite electronic listening enabled device (smartphone, fitness watch, computer./..inbox.. Anyways, If you arent familiar with Swarm, Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service which was introduced by Ethereum. Swarm plays an integral and significant role in Ethereums ultimate goal to develop a Decentralized Internet. Artists signed to our label will receive any earnings owed to them resulting from content served via Swarm Nodes in the form of Ether. These types of payments earned from Artistr cSwarm will be handled Automatically by a series of Smart Contracts which eliminates the need for a Centralized Authority… This is a mere glimpse into our grand master plan and what we have planned for the bright future of 2DECENT Recordings.

In conclusion, After spending an abundance of time with fellow Musicians, Lyricists/Rappers, DJs and Producers over the past 7 or 8 years, I quickly discovered that there is a desire on both ends of the spectrum for collaboration between Artists from both the Rap & Hip-Hop Genre as well as Artists from the Electronic Dance Music Genre. However regardless of this desire, not much collaboration has occurred between the two genres or any of the works which have been created, of course with a few rare exceptions, have been lacking of quality. With the launching of the 2DECENT brand, we are confident that we can change this and we’ve got a number of ideas that we look forward to implementing, the majority of which we're sure will spark excitement and interest among music lovers within the cryptosphere and common music lovers alike! 

P9DATA Roadmap

  • Q4 2018

  • 100 ETC Raised
  • Q1 2019

  • 1000 ETC Raised




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Royce Runyon
Founder, Developer
Crystal Wilson
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