Orchid Protocol

Orchid Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Orchid protocol have no judgement of their own, and so cannot tell if they are routing traffic for a freedom fighter or a terrorist, villain or hero. The Orchid payments discussed in prior sections are as pseudo-anonymous as regular Ethereum transactions are; all transactions are public including the amount and the sender and recipient accounts. The Orchid Client aims to improve on the default pseudo anonymity of public blockchain transactions by modern wallet techniques such as one-time addresses and use of HD wallets to provide unlinkability of payment addresses despite using a single root key.
Aug 31, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
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About Orchid Protocol


The Internet was invented for everyone. An open platform to access information, collaborate, and communicate freely across borders. Unfortunately, it’s no longer a place of true openness and freedom. But, we can change that. We’ve created an open-source protocol with a token-based bandwidth exchange to protect everyone around the world from censorship and surveillance.


Internet access for over 75% of the global population is restricted or censored. ISPs worldwide harvest and sell users’ data to the highest bidder. Orchid is a new surveillance-free layer on top of the existing Internet, allowing users to bypass firewalls, access information, and communicate freely. Join us and help create a truly independent, censorship-free Internet.


Orchid Labs Inc is an open-source project committed to ending surveillance on the internet. The Orchid protocol uses an overlay network built upon the existing internet, which is driven by a peer-to-peer tokenized bandwidth exchange, creating a more inclusive, liberated internet.

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Ethereum ERC20 standard token.


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Orchid Protocol Reviews

Ian Balina

I’ve gotten less and less bullish on it, just based on the market and how much they’re raising.

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ICO Drops

3-May. It is High on our website, but there will not be public sale. It is project for accredited Investors and Funds, like Telegram. We skip such projects.

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Midgard Research

This is a early-stage project, which already looks very promising due to bright ideas and an all-star team. Major VC funds have already invested in the seed-round, because the project is going to disrupt the multi-billion VPN industry.
By introducing tokenized incentives, the bandwidth supply problem (Tor’s key competitor problem) will be solved; however, it is not clear from Orchid’s whitepaper how use of the protocol will spread among mainstream customers considering their limited access to internet. Our score will be updated following the public beta and the release of the relevant token metrics.
UPDATE: Orchid Labs is planning to raise $125 million in a SAFT sale, we have downgraded the score to 6 out of 10 because we are disappointed with the amount of money the project is raising, although we will follow future development of the project.

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