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We are young enthusiasts graduated from NTUU “KPI” and living in Kiev, Ukraine.
Feb 1, 2018
Apr 1, 2018
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About Onko-stop

Renewable energy is one of the topics of our scientific-experimental works, which are based on Nikola’s Tesla works.


Six years ago our team WAS conducting experiments in identification of broad spectrum properties of electromagnetic fields. The aim of working out was to research the mechanism of transformation of the frequency energy and its further transfer to the required distance by single wire or wireless method.


These works were being conducted on small premises during one month. As we discovered later, one of our colleagues had an oncological DISEASE at that time. During specific experiments he felt significantly better. The results of next planned examination pleasantly surprised him - the tumor significantly decreased. After one month the tumor completely vanished. Understanding the seriousness and extraordinariness of this case, as well as the topical nature of the problem, we decided to investigate the occurred healing in detail. 


We carefully studied and analyzed all the factors that may have stimulated these positive changes in his state of health. An amazing conclusion: electromagnetic fields, that he had been in vicinity with during his work, caused miraculous healing.


Upon this case, several experiments were conducted with the involvement of experienced oncologists.  The results of mentioned experiments proved our assumptions.


During several next years, after the results had been studied, we invented a portable wave therapy device, that enables local usage of electromagnetic field directly at the affected area of the body. Our device is the latest development and has not any analogs. The device is mobile, simple and safe. This gives the opportunity for all people needing it to use the device by themselves and without any risks for their health. One more point that we would like to note - any side effects after usage of the wave therapy device have not been identified.

 Currently our team is still working on the project of renewable energy sources. But taking to account that cancer is a cause of death number one in 2014, we decided to tell about our development on this information portal.


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