OneStake Finance

OneStake Finance

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
OneStake is 1inch in the field of yield protocols.
Get the highest APR on single staking.
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About OneStake Finance

OneStake solves every problem for the average or professional DeFi user, from finding new secure high APR protocols to rebalancing and reinvesting profits. The DAO is whitelisting the protocols and assets that OneStake will interact with. Assets from each group are aggregated into one pool. So, the protocol will have three pools: stablecoin, bitcoin, and ether.

Each of these pools will include a number of whitelisted tokens that meet the criteria for this group. Investing in a pool, a user can enter funds into the protocol in any asset that is included in this pool, and the protocol itself will produce swaps for the desired type of stablecoin or wrap-token, which the strategy is currently using.

The protocol calculates the capital allocation in such a way as to achieve the maximum APR. It is done by simulating the resulting APR, taking into account the impact of additional investment in provider pools. After the most efficient distribution has been found, the rebalancing costs are calculated. If the rebalancing costs more than the critical value, then a new recalculation of the effective distribution is performed. If the cost of rebalancing is within acceptable limits, then the rebalancing itself begins.

OneStake Finance Roadmap

  • Phase I: Reload

  • Gathering a team, developing the
    protocol, auditing smart contracts,
    testing protocol on testnet.
    Creating DeFi 2.0 next-generation
  • Phase II: Revolutions

  • Launching the beta version on
    Mainnet. Receiving feedback.
    Start of a marketing program.
    Revolution in defi.
  • Phase III: Inception

  • Aggregating more providers to
    diversify the OneStake portfolio.
    Launching of One DAO.
  • Phase IV: Adopting

  • DAO controls the protocol and
    decides which provider will
    receive a part of TVL..


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30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:
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