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OmegaOne uses a cryptographic economy model built around the Ethereum token ("OMT") to provide access to these services, and higher balances of OMT are used for priority liquidity handling and discount transactions Enable access.
Risk: High
Token Sale
Aug, 2018
Sep, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 116 600 000.00 USD
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United States
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About OmegaOne

A secure, efficient, decentralized and digitally native global financial system is being born on the blockchain. It will restructure global power dynamics and fundamentally impact tomorrow’s world. Our mission is to facilitate the birth of this new financial system and to shape it for the common good.

By solving the problem of creating scarcity in a purely digital space without the need for centralized power to create trust and security, the blockchain has enabled a decentralized market of value which will automate most functions of the financial industry in more transparent, efficient and secure ways. Omega One is building out the investment architecture of these natively digital asset markets, improving their viability as a foundation for the new financial system and helping to shape that emerging system toward better societal outcomes.


- Decentralized
Members' funds remain under their control in decentralized smart contracts on the blockchain.
- Liquid
The system aggregates liquidity across multiple exchanges, and further improves liquidity with trade execution logic.
- Low Cost
Smart execution and order routing can reduce liquidity costs.
- Secure
Non-custodial smart contract wallet system means members are not exposed to exchange counterparty risk.

Technical Info

Technical details:  Omega One is an automated trade execution service that contains a private exchange that matches our member’s orders, offloads unmatched liquidity onto public exchanges via a trading engine, and settles directly onto multiple blockchains. - UI/API:​ ​Web,​ ​Mobile​ ​and​ ​API​ ​Trading Whether through UI or API, members will be able to add and withdraw funds into their decentralized Omega wallets, initiate and monitor orders, and access multi-chain portfolio analytics, reporting, tax and other accounting functions. - Omega​ ​Wallet:​ ​Portfolio​ ​Management The Omega wallets will hold tokens and crypto assets, including the full range of ERC20 tokens. - Omega​ ​Private​ ​Exchange:​ ​Dark​ ​Pool​ ​Matching The exchange then attempts to match the order with existing orders in the Omega Private Exchange. - Omega​ ​Trading​ ​Engine:​ ​Liquidity​ ​Harvesting The Trading Engine’s job is to find that liquidity in the market, make those trades as cheaply as possible, and then fill existing Parent Orders on the Exchange with the fills from those trades. The source code:  The code is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team


OmegaOne Team

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Alan Keegan
Alex Gordon
Brander - CTO
Mark David Bakacs
Chief Strategy Officer
Jon West
Chief Trading Officer
Amanda Gutterman
Chief Marketing Officer
Rick Dudley
Blockchain architect
Karl Floersch
Smart Contract Engineer
Megan Knab
Operations Lead
Max Novendstern
Finance Lead


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Ron Garrett
Advisors, Operations
5.0 12
ICO Profile Vision Activity Potential Product Team

OmegaOne Reviews

Crypto Briefing
With roots in both Wall Street and blockchain technology, support from Morgan Stanley’s former CEO and a working partnership with ConsenSys, we couldn’t ask for a better team to deliver the innovative trading platform that they’ve promised.
Still, the marketing efforts from the team leave a lot to be desired. With little communication outside Telegram or any significant community development amongst investors, the dearth of activity is one of the project’s major weak points.
The competition posed by other decentralized exchanges that offer similar features is fierce. If the platform doesn’t catch on with institutional investors, it will lose a significant edge over other contenders.
Despite the apparent weaknesses, the Omega One ICO holds promise. With the ICO postponed until Q2 2018, the team still has a chance to build hype and grow the community.
As the ICO is still at an early stage, we are still waiting on more information before making a decision on whether or not we plan to contribute to the Omega One ICO. We will update this report as well as our final verdict once this information becomes available.
For now, keep an eye on this one!
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Midgard Research
Omega one has an all-star team, and it has advisors from large financial Wall Street institutions. They are currently working on the product and plan to launch it in summer of 2018 prior to their ICO. The market is very competitive, but Omega One is oriented toward big players and toward creating a decentralized exchange. It is hoped that in the future this exchange can replace the centralized exchanges.
The hardcap is expected to be really huge (over $100mln) and Omega One has already attracted most of it from institutional investors. The team says "we will be postponing our token sale until our technology is available to users, in 2018." So, we are still not aware of final fundraising goal and other tokemetrics, also there is a chance that crowd-sale will be cancelled. So, we come out with 7 out of 10 with the mark "keep watching" till we find out all the details of ICO.
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