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OFI.CASHis a fast-growing new DeFi revenue aggregator for OEC dex exchange. The OFI.CASH agreement enables farmers to use their profit-seeking trend to optimize profit compounding strategies on OEC. We provide strategies to meet the various needs of farmers, from farmers seeking the highest returns to optimizing the risk-return for smart investors.
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About OFI.cash

OFI CASH is to provide loan aggregation, profit automatically produces DEFI products. OFI adopts an open community operation model, and OFI holders can participate in any proposal and governance of the platform.

Reason for launching OFI.CASH

OFI.CASH will be create a platform that can automatically calculate the income of all individuals, no matter how small your shares are. Our goal is to expand the DeFi ecosystem, especially on OkexChain, while providing users with various strategies to minimize risks while maximizing returns.  

Yield Optimization Strategies with OFI.CASH

Auto-compounding Use OkexChain ecological tokens to automatically generate profits. The advantage of OFI Auto-compounding pool is to find the best platform on many Defi platforms, automatic execution of smart contracts, automated zone profit and balance process, and automated capital transfer, users do not need to own Defi Proficient in knowledge makes OFI yield farming an efficient passive investment tool.   Aggregate lending system The lending system is a lending aggregation platform that aggregates multiple lending platforms such as compound and lendhub in the OkexChain ecosystem. It uses smart contracts to make the best choice and provide users with the best lending plan. This product can give users a one-stop choice The optimal lending plan does not need to be compared on multiple platforms.   OFI.CASH is the most prominent platform for Yield Farming. OFI.CASH is continuously striving to create innovative new Yield Optimization Strategies. We will support more tokens at future.   OFI.CASH Token   The OFI token is our native governance token. OFI holders control our ecosystem and get most of the profits from farm performance fees. Hold OFI will get more OFI.   What is the Fee Structure?   Withdrawal Fee There is a 0.3% withdrawal fee from Farms. The withdrawal fee collected will be used to maintain the growth of the project and OFI's repurchase and destruction.   Performance Fee When you choose to Claim profits from a pool, a 15% performance fee is collected.   Governance   The OFI ecosystem is governed by OFI holders to vote on proposals.If a proposal passes a quorum (30% of OFI’s circulation) and wins more support, it can be executed through smart contracts. To ensure the security of platform users’ assets, OFI The changes to the contract are executed through the time-locked contract. After the new contract is submitted, it will not take effect until 24 hours.    

OFI.cash Roadmap

  • 2021Q2

  • - The auto-compounding pool V0.9.0 test version is online; the function of the V1 version is realized, and the product function test is completed on the OkexChain test network.
    -Staking pool V0.9.0 test version is online; LP mining function is open, Kswap testnet is online.
    -Test user community build; build a user community, and conduct open testing of platform functions.
  • 2021Q3

  • -Auto-compounding pool and staking pool V1.0 relaese; OFI.CASH launched, open auto-compounding pool and staking pool.
    -Aggregate lending platform V0.9.0 test version launched; the function development of aggregate lending products was completed, and the test network was launched for testing
  • 2021Q4

  • Aggregate lending platform V1.0 released.
  • 2022Q1

  • -Auto-compounding pool and staking pool V2 relaese;Provide users with a better income earning platform and loan solutions.
    -Synthetic asset platform open test version;The Synthetic Assets Platform is OFI.CASH third planned product and is expected to be launched for testing in 2022Q1.


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