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OBITS gives the chance to profit from the wild swings in prices of the digital currency market without of it`s deep understanding. OBITS is therefore a way of empowering the average user to profit from the markets without a comprehensive background either in trading strategies or blockchain technology.
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    OBITS/BTC 3 months ago
    $ 0.0021
    $ 623.60
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    OBITS/USDT 3 months ago
    $ 0.0351
    $ 187.28
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    OBITS/USD 3 months ago
    $ 0.0150
    $ 160.32
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    OBITS/ETH 3 months ago
    $ 0.0012
    $ 10.22
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    OBITS/BTS 11 months ago
    $ 0.0017
    $ 414.05
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    OBITS/BITUSD 11 months ago
    $ 0.0103
    $ 0.2131
  • OpenLedger DEX
    OBITS/BTC one year ago
    $ 0.0707
    $ 385.51
    OBITS/USDT one year ago
    $ 0.0265
    $ 2.65
  • OpenLedger DEX
    OBITS/BTS one year ago
    $ 0.0067
    $ 58.71
  • OpenLedger DEX
    OBITS/BITCNY one year ago
    $ 0.1368
    $ 0.0314
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Nov 30, 2015
Jan 29, 2016
100% completed
$270 000
100% goal completed
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About Obits

What is BeEasy?

BeEasy is a set of intuitive interfaces and the most convenient integrated services for managing crypto-assets. We provide our customers with a unique ability to monitor business processes in a "one-stop" mode with a single user identification system.

</ br> BeEasy Structure

BeEasy project consists of six services designed for different user groups: EasyData displays the current number of leased hashing power, a crypto-currency account, it features the possibility of increasing or decreasing the rented power, calculates profitability, monitors the mining process. EasyPool is a multicurrency pool and a management system for mining. EasyPlay is a solution for fast and convenient receipt of real things and services in exchange for crypto-currency. EasyTrade product is a crypto-exchange that supports integration with the trading software (MetaTrader, TickTrader), as well as a web interface for brokers and traders.

To monitor the liquidity and return on assets, a special service - EasyFund - has been developed. A system with convenient interface allows you to easily analyze the current investment portfolio structure, and also to control in real time the amount of investments and current yield in BTC/ETH/USD.

EasyCare service will give the user the opportunity to do a good deed and donate the earned money for charity. The system will automatically provide a list of partner funds, to which the users will be able to make a transfer from their balance, and the possibility and track their donations. 

</ br> Our mission

Our project’s mission is to encourage the development of decentralized economy of blockchain networks and cryptocurrency by engaging as many new, previously left out, authentic user groups as possible.

</ br>

Obits Roadmap

  • Third qr. of 2017

  • &mdash; beta version of pool and the Windows client for Ethereum
    &mdash; availability of authentic 12 GPU mining equipment development
  • Fourth qr. of 2017

  • &mdash; pre-ICO
    &mdash; Cryptoprism conference in Saint Petersburg
    &mdash; releasing the beta version for Ubuntu mining client
    &mdash; equipping data-center

  • First qr. of 2018

  • &mdash; ICO
    &mdash; Project road show
    &mdash; EasyTrade exchange testing platform rollout
    &mdash; EasyFund foundation testing platform rollout
  • Second qr. of 2018

  • &mdash;introducing a robot for EasyFund
    &mdash;launching EasyTrade exchange beta version
    &mdash; listing the project token at the EasyTrade
    &mdash;introducing API
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  • Third qr. of 2018

  • &mdash;listing the project token at exchanges
    &mdash; installing the equipment for the data center &ldquo;cloud mining&rdquo;
    &mdash; starting to sell &ldquo;cloud mining"
  • Fourth qr. 2018

  • &mdash; expanding the project partner network
    &mdash; applying for licensure of the exchange in Japan


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14.886 M OBITS
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