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Nurality is providing applications built according to your needs. Nurality associated with programs for all the neural device companies providing application which can be downloaded and used directly along with partnering with major corporations to developed their applications to be used in neural chips. Just the way you have apps in smartphones, you will have apps in the neural chips.
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Mar 29, 2022
Apr 9, 2022
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Dec 8, 2021
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About Nurality

Action potentials cause synapses to release neurotransmitters. These small molecules bind to receptors on dendrites, opening channels that cause current to flow across the neuron’s membrane. When a neuron receives the ‘right’ combination of spatiotemporal synaptic input, it initiates an action potential.


We will be writing programs for all the neural device companies like applications which you can download and use directly along with partnering with major corporations to develop their applications to be used in neural chips

  • NextMind enables you to move things with your mind
  • Neurosity Crown helps increase concentration
  • UrgoNight helps you sleep

Nurality Roadmap

  • December 2021

  • Idea construction for application.
  • June 2022

  • Appeal for marketing and fund-raising
  • December 2022

  • First app launch by Nurality
  • February 2022

  • Team finalized who brought together the business plan and created whitepaper.
  • Read More
  • October’ 2022

  • Introducing Nurality to world
  • April 2023

  • Nurality launching apps for other neural implants.

Nurality Team

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Kayron Polard

Nurality Last News

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