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NSUR is a high-utility and rewarding health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin.

On December 16, 2021, NSUR’s health and wellness-focused platform will become available to the public. At that time, NSUR Community members will be able to create accounts, explore the goods available through NSUR’s Merchant Network, and join NSUR’s Loyalty Reward Program.

On that same day, NSUR will also start selling NSUR Coin protection as part of its priority Value Protection Program. The NSUR Value Protection Program concept is simple -- those who participate in the program will be protecting their NSUR Coin tokens from loss of initial purchase value for two years. If at the end of two years the value of protected tokens is less than what holders paid for it, they will be able to claim back the loss of value on nsurcoin.com.
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About NSUR Coin

NSUR Coin is a high-utility, digital reward token that is used to reward NSUR Community members and to facilitate purchases inside the NSUR ecosystem.

NSUR Coin’s protocol will launch on December 16, 2021, and its contract is available on BSCscan NSUR Coin has been audited by CertiK. The contract employs a static reward system — 10% of every transaction is split into multiple parts:

● 3% is used to fuel the liquidity pool.

● 3% is used to fund the Loyalty Reward Program and reward users in various ways.

● 3% is used to fund future Value Protection Plan sales events.

● The final 1% is erased forever.

The token was launched with the idea of offering real-world value. Too many tokens have been launched without the ability to be used for REAL use cases and for real utility, but NSUR Coin goes against this trend. NSUR Coin can be used to buy goods and services at launch from NSUR’s Merchant Network, which has been vetted by the NSUR team, and NSUR aims to grow this network rapidly.

The static rewards system is a concept that was pioneered by reflect.finance and popularized by Safemoon. It is a great option to keep users of the token engaged and utility of the token high. The reward amount is conditional upon the volume of the tokens in the marketplace, thus alleviating sell pressure put on the token by early purchasers. In addition, the mechanism encourages people to hold on to their tokens, initially to earn rewards via reflections from other transactions in the market, and over time to spend on real-world products as utility grows.

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