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An underlying technology that supports the operation of Bitcoin
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About NSS Coin

NSS (New energy science and technology chain, New energy technology chain) is based on the field of new energy technology, with a unique block chain {BlockChian} decentralized technology presents the intelligentization of distributed database identification, dissemination and recording of information Peer-to-peer networks and decentralized peer-to-peer networks use open source software to combine cryptographic principles, time series data, and consensus mechanisms to ensure the continuity and continuity of nodes in a distributed database, so that information can be instantly verified, traceable, and However, it is difficult to tamper with and cannot be shielded, thus creating a set of characteristics of a private, efficient, and secure shared value system.


Decentralized technology

NSS is truly a decentralized technology. NSS has designed a voting mechanism. All wallets complete the voting process according to a weighting system, and quickly and compulsorily complete the update of the smart computing power of wallets and mining machines through the identification of the weighting system. Allow user to user, player to player, player to merchant, merchant to merchant, wallet to wallet, peer-to-peer exchange, payment. 

Open and transparent

The NSS new energy technology chain is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts to realize massive cutting of ownership, traceability of the circulation process, and income dividend management, etc., making the NSS new energy technology chain asset investment small and civilian; All transaction process platforms include commodity and asset trading venues based on blockchain technology. 

Information privacy protection

The NSS new energy technology chain absorbs the technology of the blockchain, which has the advantages of improving the security of the payment system and preventing tampering. According to the intelligent contract of the blockchain, the transaction is concluded and the payment instruction is automatically generated. At the same time, the block center will record the data of each link one by one, and the transaction value program will be updated


All blocks have a hash code to record the previous block. If there is any change in one block, the subsequent blocks will be affected. Unless all affected blocks are modified at the same time, the changes in a block cannot be verified, and therefore the changes cannot be recorded. Given the continued progress of new transactions, it is practically impossible to change any existing blocks. This feature also enhances the traceability of all historical transactions.

Reduce transaction costs

In the new Internet financial system based on the blockchain technology of the NSS New Energy Technology Chain, users can directly trade. The transaction is based on cryptographic principles and not based on trust, so that any two parties who have reached an agreement can directly conduct payment transactions without the need for third parties. The participation of the three parties naturally saves users' handling fees.

Strengthen credit

The NSS new energy technology chain blockchain technology itself is the underlying technology to establish a trust mechanism; based on an anonymous network, its users, except for special groups, are open to information, and users can be kept confidential and private. Using the NSS new energy technology chain can improve the credit level of investors and promote global credit.

NSS Coin Team

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Coneys Pouk
Chief Operating Officer
Wang Yi
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