Noa Game

Noa Game

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Noa is a idle card game built on the Wax blockchain.
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Total supply
Token Distribution
Initial Sale (token chests) 300,000 0.3%
Game Pool (players earnings) 90,000,000 90%
Development Pool 3,000,000 3%
Reward and Giveaways Pool 1,000,000 1%
Advertising Pool 1,000,000 1%
Liquidity Pool (phase 1) 500,000 0.5%
Liquidity Pool (phase 2 & 3 increase) 2,200,000 2,2%
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About Noa Game

Build a deck of 16 hero cards and 10 support cards. When the game starts, 4 random hero cards are placed on the battlefield along with 2 random support cards. Your heroes will battle the enemy cards and every time a hero goes to 0HP, a new one emerges from the draw pile until all 16 are destroyed. The player that still has at least 1 hero card on the battlefield wins. You will receive NOA token as reward and if you are lucky, you will get some rare loot such as shards to upgrade your cards, in-game exclusive heroes, charms, boosters and more, a lot more!

Each card used in the game is an actual NFT owned by the player on the Wax blockchain. You will be able to upgrade all your NFTs into better, higher rarity and more powerful ones by blending the right NFTs. Collect rare cards and build even better decks!

Build a deck of heroes and support cards to battle your way through different tiers and difficulties, earn tokens, NFTs and more while climbing the leader board all the way to the top. Finish daily or weekly quests and in the near future, you will be able to join co-op games for even greater rewards.

Use the tokens and NFTs that you find in-game to craft and upgrade your current cards, create even more powerful builds with the new cards and then upgrade those too! The more you advance, the more you will earn!

Earn NOA token each time you play and win! The higher the tier you play at, the higher the amount you are rewarded and the higher the chance to receive rare and valuable loot from chests that will drop randomly from dungeons!

All playable NFT cards are available in 6 different rarities. A 7th rarity will be introduced in the future. The power of the cards increases with each rarity. The higher rarity of the cards in your deck, the higher the tier of dungeon you will be able to clear and of course, the higher will be the rewards! If you are lucky, you might even get a Legendary card from the limited pack drops but Mythic rarity will only be obtainable by playing the game. All cards will be upgradeable in the Forge. Upgrade a card with Common rarity all the way up to Mythic with the right amount of shards and NOA token.

Noa Game Roadmap

  • Completed - Q4 2021 - Q2 2022

  • Game Design

    Cards Design

    Wax Cloud Wallet Login

    Anchor Wallet Login

    Deck Builder UI

    Game Assets Pack Drops

    Game Shop UI


    Account UI

    Noa Token Listed on Alcor

    Game Release (Beta)

    Metallic Cards introduced

    New Artwork for cards

    Boosts Update released

    New Game boosts

    New Boosts slots

    Token Chest claim UI

  • In Progress - Q3 2022

  • Staking UI - game cards + collectable cards

    Staking logic for game cards (estimated release on 21st June 2022)

    Add New metallic cards (estimated release on 21st June 2022)

    Add New Game Shop assets for sale (estimated release on 15th June 2022)

    Staking logic for collectable cards

    New token release

    Season 2 cards design

    Season 2 cards release (eastimated release, mid July)

    Missions UI

    Missions logic - missions rewards - missions leaderboard points

    Game Achievements UI

    Game Achievements logic
  • Long Term - Q3-Q4 2022

  • 🔳
    New cards Rarity introduced - Eternal

    5 Extra tiers added to current dungeon

    Boss Fights

    New Dungeon - 6 vs 6 game mode


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