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Nitecrawler’s advanced AI allows you to find and book hotels and homes with one simple checkout. Nitecrawler solves complex travel industry issues with cutting edge technologies, patented processes and innovative user experiences.
Nov 1, 2018
Feb 1, 2019
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About Nitecrawler

Nitecrawler travellers have deep access to public, private, and discounted rate types on hotels, resorts, and homes. Artificial Intelligence powers the discovery and surfacing of the cheapest possible rates, which is lacking in most of the current travel business models. All room prices are denominated in the Nitecrawler Token (NCRL) and rates are fully fenced.

Nitecrawler’s proprietary and patented travel technologies are a system and method for minimizing travel costs for multi-night stays. Unlike traditional metasearch solutions like Tripadvisor, Kayak, Trivago and Google’s Hotel Ads, Nitecrawler is focused on providing consumers the ability to book multinight stays from disparate supply sources at an overall lower price. Nitecrawler divides a multi-night stay into single components; these combinations consist of a single night or multiple nights (n, n+1, n+2, n+3, etc.). In turn, each component is individually shopped across the extensive supply base, by the same room, to find the lowest rate by night. A Nitecrawler multi-night booking is comprised of several different supply sources, often by the same room, all stitched together as one continuous booking.

Nitecrawler Select is an exclusive travel club for technical savvy holders of decentralized digital currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, etc. Within the travel club, members have access to over 1.4M unique accommodations at deeply discounted rates. Nitecrawler BETA’s private rates are discounted from retail rates at such a level that they can only be displayed behind a secure login and priced in Nitecrawler Tokens. Nitecrawler BETA is built on the Nitecrawler AI Engine. Nitecrawler Tokens are the primary method of settlement on the Nitecrawler Platform.

Technical Info

The Nitecrawler platform operates on an ERC20 utility token called the Nitecrawler Token (NCRL), which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The distributed ledger records, audits, and reconciles extensive transactional datasets across a large array of travel suppliers. By utilizing Smart Contracts, the blockchain enables digital payments to be executed between trusted parties without passing through a financial institution or requiring the traditional B2B travel industry process of financial risk underwriting with a third-party insurance product. By replacing the traditional process of financial risk underwriting with Smart Contracts a large amount of related operational costs are eliminated or shifted. Nitecrawler Token (NCRL) owners hold tokens in their own ERC20 compatible wallets, which help to facilitate secure peer-to-peer payments on the blockchain. The ability to transact in cryptocurrencies removes the need to exchange digital money into traditional FIAT currency. Executing each transaction on blockchain benefits the entire network by highly reducing the overall cost for travellers through the elimination of credit card processing fees, foreign exchange fees, and the booking fees charged by traditional travel platforms.

Nitecrawler Roadmap

  • 2011

  • Initial development of Nitecrawler backbone.
  • 2013

  • Patent 9,760,595 B2 Filed.
  • 2013

  • First Github commits.
  • 2014

  • First Nitecrawler trademarks filed.
  • Read More
  • 2014

  • 1 Year Github commit milestone.
  • 2015

  • Nitecrawler Booking Engine 1.0 is live.
  • 2017

  • Patent is granted in Australia, USA, and japan. Pending in 5+ other countries.
  • 2017

  • Nitecrawler crypto home sharing development begins.
  • 2018

  • Launch of current nitecrawler.
  • 2018

  • Phase 1 Crowdsale: 60-day duration.
  • 2018

  • Phase 2 Crowdsale: 75-day duration.
  • 2019

  • Tokens delivered: 60 days after the token Crowdsale ends.
  • 2019 Q1

  • Nitecrawler Alpha
    Access to best hotel rates.
  • 2019 Q3

  • Nitecrawler Beta
    Access to external bookings;
    Launch of automated multi-night stays.
  • 2020 Q1

  • Nitecrawler v1.0
    Home sharing expansion.
  • 2020 Q3

  • Nitecrawler v1.5
    Predictive AI enhancments;
    Get paid to vacation engine.
  • 2021 Q1

  • Nitecrawler v2.0
    Extended Services.
  • 2021 Q3

  • Nitecrawler v2.5
    Extended Experiences.
  • 2022 Q1

  • Nitecrawler v3.0


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Gavin Dickson
Neil Valentine
Scott Windes
Chiron Bramberger
Carmine Genovese
Michael Boyle

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