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The NFT world of fingerz is a pfp collection of 10k generatives nfts coming to the tezos blockchain.
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About NFTFingerz

The project has a "Minting" stage for a certain time where all users can acquire unknown pieces. After this stage is finished, all the pieces will be revealed automatically.

The complete collection has a total of 10,000 pieces. With the current amount of traits we could generate millions of unique pieces, however the cost of production and storage limits us.

The project unfolds in repeatable stages, each stage with a limited number of “Mints” so everyone can enjoy the full Fingerz experience.

We have an implementation of a prize system that will reward bounty hunters who manage to collect a certain group of outlaw Fingerz.

Rarity is determined by the occurrence of “traits”, as well as parity, and influenced by the WANTED missions.

NFTFingerz Roadmap


  • Check out our discord server for more info.

  • Coming soon, white listed only, limited by 10 mint per wallet. You will be able to get your unique hidden (until reveal) PFP before anyone at 25% OFF and participate in exclusive WANTED MISSION.

  • Public mint, unlimited mint per wallet. You will be able to get your unique hidden (until reveal) PFP and participate in our WANTED MISSION

  • Unveil the secret of possesion, be prepare to be amazed
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  • Unique and exclusive own contract feature, you will be able to participate on the hunting/collecting of a group of very specific PFP to complete various missions by trading in market or associating with others collectors/community members

  • Once you fullfil the required PFP of any WANTED MISSION you will be able to claim the REWARD, made of a percent of the total pool that will increase in base of every mint phase and royalties of market trades, you will have to look the best time to claim but dont be too late others can claim missions before you lowering the pool.

  • Once this cycle reach the last phase, it start over again untill the 10k collection is complete, the amout to mint per phase will be decided on the road. Important, notice that all PFP minted in all phases will participate in WANTED MISSIONS, even mixed phases.


30 Days Growth:

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