NFT Design works

NFT Design works

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Headquartered in Davos, Switzerland we are an eclectic mix of artists, collectors, sports people & crypto bulls living and operating all around the world.
We deliver solutions that enable artists, athletes & rights holders to ideate, mint, promote, and trade NFTs.
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& NFT TopDogs®
This is where the world of NFTs and art collection collide. You can gather and trade the greatest and iconic sport personalities. If you’re lucky enough you’ll discover the G.O.A.T. in each sports category.

NFT Moment®
A patented process grants athletes autonomy and agency over their name and the sporting moment for which they are most famous.

NFT Heartbeat®
Imagine owning the heartbeat of your favourite superstar, taken from an important moment in their career. Or minting your own heartbeat during a once in a lifetime moment. Hearing your baby’s first heartbeat, your marriage proposal, or running a marathon.

NFT Selfie®
A user generated Non-Fungible Token. Delivering a unique, personalised collectable, capturing a specific moment for ever. Immortalize the greatest success you’ve ever had in the game, Own it for posterity, own a future superstar.

NFT Art Projects
An ongoing series of collaborations with artists and organisations who share our vision in creating projects that sit at the intersection of art, technology and community.

NFT Market View
A data and wallet-driven approach to project sales and transactions providing detailed insights into customer behaviour and market valuation.

NFT Bet®
The gambling industry has already embraced digital payment methods. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can greatly expand this trend. Our NFT Bet technology advances the mission-critical objectives of the online gambling industry, including security, validity, anonymity, and cost-efficiency of core transactions.


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