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NFT Cloud

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Our main aim is to bring the flawless and easy NFTing experience while giving it the maximum possible adoption. NFT Cloud is a complex ecosystem that will be delivered in a few grand Cycles: the Primary Cycle, the Core Cycle, the Alloy Cycle. All of those are the major steps on the way to the NFT Cloud Сonfluence. See what is ahead so far.
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About NFT Cloud

Multi-chain NFTaggregator

NFT Cloud enables cross-chain NFT minting with the gateway to the biggest blockchain ecosystems covering OpenSea, Rarible add more… With NFT Cloud you are able to create and store your NFT collection for free within the platform and sell them on one of the chosen blockchains whenever you are ready. You mint first - you choose blockchain later!

Fully independentNFT ecosystem

NFT Cloud creates a fully-equipped ecosystem which unites all the essential parts of your NFT experience. Here you have the in-build NFT exchange for one-click trade, NFT aggregator of the major marketplaces (decentralized and centralized ones), wallet for your NFT collections and API that plays the core role in NFT design and mint. No need to use the third-party protocols have the best NFTing experience with NFT Cloud!

Gas-free tradingexperience

NFT Cloud provides blockchain-free NFTing experience for everyone! The system is based on the in-build custom API so that you can design, mint and trade your NFTs without paying gas fees! Trade directly within the platform.

Simple andunified UX

NFT Cloud brings the pleasant environment for NFT creation for both: crypto-native and non-crypto users united by one simple and convenient interface.


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