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Nexi Labs is a All-In-One Defi Platform that integrates Solana wallets into Discord. Built-in Discord Snipers, Wallets, Customized Raffle systems and more.
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About Nexi Labs

Nexi is an All-In-One Solana Defi plattform built on Discord. Nexi integrates Solana Wallets into discord, including many features. We are offering high quality tools which are trusted by many projects already.

We are building an all-in-one discord ecosystem with various NFT utility tools, which can be used by our holders and can also be implemented into other Daos / projects servers

  1. Nobody supported an all-in-one solution, only parts. We ourselves used multiple tools and from time to time that either didnt perform or werent updated to the current market. So we tried to develop a solution for that by offering everything combined in discord which many use all day, user-friendly, easy to understand and accessible in seconds.

  2. There are not enough good free bots on Solana Some parts from Nexi's utility like sales and listings will be free for any collection on Solana. We want to offer a high quality bot, for free, even for projects that don't have the capacities for such bots. Projects like Matrica were a good start, but now it's Nexo's part to replace these old bots and bring a new breath of fresh air with our modern design and new features into the scene. Our goal with Nexi is to become a fundamental piece in the Solana scene and to serve our community well with the best utility we can provide. Nexi is not a Ponzi based on pointless Tokenomics, staking, breeding, or anything like that

Which utilities does Nexi currently support? Nexo offers a lot utility even PRE mint and will provide even more.


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