Solana ETF Decision Looms: Impact of Presidential Election on Approval

July 10, 2024 BACK TO NEWS

As the cryptocurrency market anticipates potential ETF approvals, senior Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas has highlighted the pivotal role of the upcoming presidential election in influencing the fate of Solana ETFs. Analysts project a critical decision deadline around mid-March 2025, setting the stage for significant developments in the ETF landscape.

Mid-March Deadline and Political Implications

Eric Balchunas underscored the expected final decision deadline for Solana ETFs in mid-March 2025, with November marked as a crucial interim date. Balchunas emphasized that the outcome of the November presidential election could sway regulatory decisions, noting potential opposition if President Biden secures reelection, while a Trump victory might open doors to broader possibilities.

CBOE Submissions and Regulatory Process

On July 8, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) filed Form 19b-4 applications for two Solana ETFs: the 21Shares Core Solana ETF and the VanEck Solana Trust. These filings, akin to previously approved Bitcoin and Ether ETFs, position Solana as a robust candidate for institutional investment, emphasizing its resilience against price manipulation and the existence of preventive measures.

Nate Geraci, President of the ETF store, highlighted the commencement of the SEC's decision timeline upon filing acknowledgment, marking a critical phase in the approval process.

SEC Decision Timeline and Market Impact

Under SEC regulations, the agency has 240 days to review and decide on the CBOE's applications for the VanEck and 21Shares Solana ETFs. This regulatory window represents a pivotal opportunity for Solana to join the ranks of Bitcoin and Ether in accessible ETF formats, potentially catalyzing significant market interest and investment inflows.

Political Climate and ETF Prospects

Balchunas' insights into the political climate suggest that presidential election outcomes could profoundly impact Solana ETF approvals. With historical precedents indicating bipartisan support for crypto regulatory frameworks under the Trump administration, stakeholders speculate on potential regulatory shifts favorable to ETF expansions under a renewed Republican presidency.

Market Reaction and Investor Interest

Research by GSR Markets forecasts a potential ninefold increase in Solana's price upon ETF approvals, underscoring market optimism and investor anticipation surrounding regulatory developments. Rob Marrocco, global head of ETP Listings at CBOE, emphasized increasing investor interest in Solana, positioning it as a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market after Bitcoin and Ether.


As regulatory processes unfold and the countdown to mid-March 2025 begins, the cryptocurrency community awaits pivotal decisions that could reshape investment opportunities and market dynamics. The interplay between regulatory clarity, political developments, and market readiness will determine the future landscape for Solana and its potential as an ETF asset, marking a critical juncture in digital asset evolution.