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Mar 21, 2023

The NerveFlux ecosystem is unique and has two independent tokens, each playing a different role: The Nerve Token and the Baby Nerve Token, both working to keep the ecosystem healthy.

Before NerveFlux there was no seamless way to buy properties or invest in real estate directly via cryptocurrency. Crypto investors needed to convert their crypto to fiat to buy or invest in real estate. NerveFlux is a multi-chain ecosystem that allows everyone to invest (buy, sell or rent) in real estate properties without converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat. NerveFlux also has other use cases like Metaverse, NFT, PSE game, and its Charity Tree Planting Program aimed at combating climate change. A tree will be planted (conditionally) for every wallet address.
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Public Presale
Apr 26, 2022
Apr 28, 2023
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 250 000 000.00 USD
Cap 125 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 250 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 NERVE
    0.025 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
77% Public presales (Liquidity included).
2% Developer
5% Project Development.
3% Exchange Listing.
5% Swap.
15% Initial Burn.
5 % Private Sales.
17% Marketing.
4% Marketing.
4% Team.
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Registered Country
Company Founded
Nov 17, 2021
Bonus Structure
✅Reflection/Rewards in BNB
✅5 top contributors get 10% discount (it can be combined with other discount)
✅0 to 20 presale contributor gets 20% discount
✅21 to 100 presale contributors get 10% discount
✅Farming/Staking Launched
✅Two(2 ) contributors from 5 BNB and above will win a free 2 night stay in Murisengo, Province of Alessandria in Piedmont, Italy near the NerveFlux tree planting location where they will enjoy a guided tour with the NerveFlux team and the Head of Tree Planting Program. (Friend and family members of the NerveFlux team are excluded from participating in this offer)
✅NFT Airdrop to Presale Contributors
✅12 contributor will get automatic chance to test the marketplace during close testing event
Additional Details
Binance Smart Chain

About NerveFlux

NerveFlux is building an ecosystem where everyone can invest (buy and sell) in real estate properties without converting cryptocurrencies to fiat. NerveFlux also has other use cases such as NFTs and its charity tree planting program aimed at fighting climate change. A tree will be planted (conditionally) for every wallet address.

NerveFlux is building an ecosystem where everyone will be able to buy a property or invest in property without converting cryptocurrency to fiat. The NerveFlux marketplace will list properties in BNRV and other selected coins. The Marketplace Partner Program will let real estate agencies list their properties and get exposure to the crypto world.

NerveFlux’s vision is to create real practical value for the crypto space in general by enabling seamless crypto, real estate transaction. It is important not to confuse NerveFlux marketplace with the so called “Real Estate Crypto” that has spring up lately offering various form of tokenized investments.

In today’s world, fiat is the main and only mainstream tender for purchasing and investing in real estates. The real estate market is a multi-trillion dollars market that is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% in 2023. On the other hand, the global cryptocurrency market accounted for US$ 2,040.5 million in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% throughout the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.

NerveFlux’s vision is to bridge the gap between crypto and real estate which will boost growth and make cryptocurrencies an acceptable form of real estate payment. As pioneer and the world’s first fully decentralized real estate marketplace powered by crypto payments, NerveFlux is certain its valuable use case will parachute NerveFlux into the top 100 crypto in the next few years.

NerveFlux is developing an innovative marketplace with several issues and uses in mind. For example, buying and selling properties will be possible without having to convert cryptocurrency to a local one. The Marketplace beta edition will enable purchase of real estate properties via stable coin and e-national currencies where and when necessary. The Marketplace full edition will enable purchases using BNRV, USDT and other selected tokens without the fear of volatility or price fluctuation via NerveFlux’s innovative mechanism.

The main use case of NerveFlux is its marketplace. NerveFlux is bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and real estate by offering a platform where all sorts of real estate properties can be quickly listed, purchased, sold, rented, or leased as the case maybe. Unlike other platforms, the NerveFlux marketplace allows users to pay directly using cryptocurrency rather than converting it to fiat.

NerveFlux will eliminate crypto’s greatest problem: volatility in its marketplace. Although you will be paying a very tiny transaction fee, NerveFlux provides an extra layer of protection and security to both buyers and sellers. NerveFlux marketplace is completely decentralized, not controlled by any entity. Funds are not held or funded through any third-party account or wallet.

NerveFlux completely removes the bureaucratic stress of converting crypto to fiat while maintaining all legal financial standards, enabling seamless crypto-real estate transactions.

NerveFlux marketplace aims to give users access to thousands of properties globally from vetted individuals and real estate agents. Real estate bureaucracy will be made easy with our list of verified real estate agents, lawyers, notaries and other real estate facilitators.

NerveFlux, a green ecosystem, also offers its innovative tree planting program with the goal of planting over a million trees.


Unlike traditional marketplaces, NerveFlux’s fast and robust system is free from the volatility and scams as seen in other crypto space. Some of the additional features of NerveFlux Marketplace are as follows:

- Extra low cost crypto/real estate trading
- Fully decentralized Marketplace
- Funds are not held by any intermediary
- 24/7 Markets
- Rapid Settlements
- Integrated Wallet
- Multi-Blockchain
- User Friendly Interface
- Rapid updates and bug management
- Multi-lingual
- Audited Smart Contracts
- A non-volatile purchases
- Escrow Functionality
- Vetted agents
- User Profile

Extra securities measures are in place to increase the credibility of the marketplace, which is why the payments are made through escrow smart contract. Also, users must verify their identity before using the platform. Every single property, estate agent, notary, and lawyer listed on the platform will be properly vetted and verified. This marketplace comes with the highest level of security.

Every property deal will be made and locked by the escrow mechanism. The escrow smart contract ensures that neither the buyer nor the seller has access to the funds before the deal is successfully completed. An on-screen verification will be used to round off all the transaction and paperwork which fulfils the needs of local authorities in the geographical location within a specific period.

It is worth noting that NerveFlux is not a real estate platform. However, to help the users, there will be a list of verified real agent agents, notaries, and lawyers to be contacted directly for the paperwork inside the marketplace.

Technical Info

Fully Decentralized: An added benefit of using the NerveFlux ecosystem is that it’s completely decentralized, allowing trading freely across borders. NerveFlux transactions have no intermediary institutions or government involvement.

Lower Fees: The costs of transacting are kept very low inside the whole NerveFlux ecosystem, with only a tiny 0.5% transaction fee. However, if paid in BabyNerve token, this fee will be reduced by 50%. Additionally transfers take place very quickly, eliminating the inconvenience of specific authorization and waiting period requirements.

Audit: Before the final launch of the NerveFlux Marketplace, to ensure users security, the Marketplace and the Escrow Smart Contract will undergo a Certik audit.

NFT: After successful transfer of ownership, a unique NFT will be minted and transfer to the new buyer. By scanning the inbuilt NFT code, the history of the property can be viewed directly on the blockchain to provide additional security. 

Flexibility: The multichain NerveFlux marketplace allows users to pay with crypto, fiat in areas where cryptocurrency is restricted, and digital national currencies where required. Furthermore, to ensure the NerveFlux project becomes the go-to solution for everybody, the marketplace also accepts payments in local currencies where necessary.

Volatility: The NerveFlux marketplace will solve the issue of volatility by ensuring that aside from stablecoins, other cryptocurrencies added to the marketplace will be protected from any sudden change in price due to market conditions often referred to as price spikes using a mechanism being developed by the NerveFlux team.

NerveFlux Roadmap

  • Q1 – 2023

  • Stage I
    Website Update and Release of Marketplace Whitepaper. ✅
    Staking ✅
    Marketing and Partnership Initiation
  • Q2 – 2023

  • Stage II
    Launch of Baby Nerve on BSC.
    Private Sale/Presale
  • Q3 – 2023

  • Stage III
    Launch of Baby Nerve on Multiple Blockchain.
    Closed Beta Testing.
  • Q4 – 2023

  • Stage IV
    Tier 1 CEX listing
    Launch of NerveFlux Marketplace Beta Edition
  • Read More
  • Q1 – 2024

  • Stage V
    Launch of NerveFlux NFT.
    NFT Airdrop.
  • Q2 – 2024

  • Stage VI
    Update and Integration of Additional Token/Coin
  • Q3 – 2024

  • Stage VII
    Roadmap Reload
  • Q3 2023

  • Upgrade and further
    development of NPMP
    Integration of additional
    coins for NPMP payment
  • Q4 2023

  • NPMP with withdrawal
    Function Development
    NPMP Staking Function
  • Q1 2024

  • Release of NPMP App 2.0
    Second white paper
    Further Upcoming

NerveFlux Team

Verified 100%

Mario Ljubičić
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Toritseju Edema
Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Lead developer
Kelvin N. Imade
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Former members

Jürgen Hildebrandt
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

NerveFlux Interviews

As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I make the tough choice when it comes to development and implementation of our strategy as outlined in our roadmap. Teamwork and my ability to manage resources in a competitive environment are my daily skillset.
What do you think about idea?
Great project with lots of potentials and use cases. Solving real problems with practical solutions. The era of seamlessly investing in Real Estate with Crypto Currency has come to stay. NerveFlux has open the door to new opportunities.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As the COO and Developer, I must confess I work in a very demanding and challenging environment. I see to it that we work as a team, remain focus and put in our best so as to deliver a faultless and effective system inline with our roadmap.
What do you think about idea?
Great, It is new, innovative and long overdue. Every Technology comes with its limitation. Up until now crypto cannot seamlessly interact with Real Estate. I am excited and privileged to be part of the solution.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
NerveFlux has adopted an agressive Marketing and Advertising strategy. I am tasked with the planning and development of this strategy. We live in a dynamic technological environment. This has made my role very demanding and challenging.
What do you think about idea?
Every Technology has its own challenges, for Crypto it is almost impossible to invest directly in Real Estate. NerveFlux has come to bridge that gap.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
An outstanding Technological Resource Management is vital to enable us
meet our strategic goals. As the CTO I ensure development of a workable
and effective model that will turn our concept into reality in a balance
but effective approach considering all players and stages.
What do you think about idea?
This is a unique approach to one of Crypto greatest challenges. It is
new, wonderful and very innovative. It is something that will be of
benefit to both Crypto and Real Estate sectors.

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