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Created using Figma
Built on the #XRP ledger, the #NEKASHI token aims to facilitate payments with its own ecosystem of solutions.
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Built on the XRPL, the main focus of Nekashi is to be used as a token for payments. If XRP is the coin for the banks, by taking advantage of the ledger low gas fees and super-fast
transaction time Nekashi aims to be its counterpart token for the general users. Nekashi is not promising NFTs. Nekashi is not promising to 10X, 100X, 1000X (or whatever the multiplier is) the value of your NEKASHI holdings.
Nekashi will not burn their tokens (or implement a burn mechanism). Nekashi is not a “get-rich-quick” token. Just like Ripple Labs, Nekashi believes that building a strong base with use cases is more valuable than wanting to go “to the moon'' 2 weeks after a launch. Slow and steady win the space race. Nekashi aims to build an ecosystem around its token where NEKASHI will be the token to handle the payments. Nekashi is a portmanteau created after the “Neko Ashi Dachi” - a karate stance more commonly known as the “cat stance”. A difficult one to perform that can help deal devastating blows once mastered. A perfect allegory for a start-up cryptocurrency project in today's world, don’t you think? Users are now able to create their trustline ( The date for the trustline snapshot is the 16th May 2022


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