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About NAUS

NAUS is an ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It is committed to providing global social network ecosystem with self-evolving social-networking service featured with individualized characteristic, low involvement cost, quantifiable benefit, de-trustization, efficient matching, and a balance between supply and demand. With self-developed blockchain underlying technologies and protocols, NAUS will support ethereum and smart contract technology, and cooperate with multiple partners to build distributed storage networks. It will complete and launch in turn blockchain infrastructure and main networks, blockchain network tokens, NAUS wallets, various types of programmable and tradeable smart contract templates, platforms for smart contract production and IPO, smart contract exchanges and trading malls and other infrastructure facilities and DApp applications in a bid to build a social network ecology based on accurate features and focusing on efficient matching.

        Tippin Live, NAUS's chief strategic partner, currently has nearly 30 million users throughout the world, who mainly come from the United States, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East. As a global real-time interactive social product, Tipplin Live will gradually integrate various existing social interaction systems including IM systems, multiplayer voice, photo/video feeds, social games and live video, with the underlying blockchain. In addition, it will introduce NAUS to realize the golden rules of blockchain-based social network, namely, features consensus, matching tocknization, and incentive capitalization. We think that Tippin Live is the epitome of the global social network ecosystem, with which the overall construction of NAUS will start. We will use Tippin Live's user base, feature tags, relationship chains, and transaction scales to kick off the ecological construction and promote the token circulation and smart contract transactions, gradually docking more cooperative third-party social platforms and content platforms and bringing more space for the development of NAUS ecosystem.


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