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Myubi is a global benevolent Basic Income program aimed to support Sustainable Development Goals by eliminating poverty and reducing income inequality.
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About Myubi

Myubi is an Australian-based NonProfit Charitable Organisation with global ambassadors and global partners. Apart from regular fundraising and the traditional benevolent support for projects such as clean water for children, Myubi is also a global benevolent income program aimed to support Sustainable Development Goals by eliminating poverty and reducing income inequality specifically to those in developing nations.

Myubi will do this by providing mobile based software with a 20-year Universal Basic Income (UBI) program designed to empower the developing nations individuals and their communities by giving people who sign up access to blockchain payments in the form of daily micro-payments airdrops.

Our purpose is to provide long-term income security for the world’s poor and vulnerable, eliminate poverty, and reduce income inequality by removing barriers to access better education, healthcare services. This very basic income security will also deliver a wide range of other benefits to the global community.


Empowering Humanity.

Our vision is one where every human on the planet has access to a Universal Basic Income, and where basic needs are provided such as clean water, food, shelter, clean natural environment as all are entitled to live happily in a safe secure global community that embraces all races and beliefs.

Myubi will provide a platform that features a range of benevolent blockchain-powered applications designed to create and distribute benevolent cryptocurrency globally on behalf of governments, charitable organisations, benefactors, schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals. Specifically, the Myubi cryptocurrency’s core feature is to empower the above groups to make a difference in alleviating the suffering of the poor and vulnerable by delivering a daily basic income.

Myubi crytocurrency is sent directly to individuals (direct beneficiaries) based on daily participation. Individuals are empowered by using Myubi cryptocurrency for:

  • Goods & Services in their local community

  • Trade for fiat currency

  • Donation to others in need and social good programs

At the heart of Myubi, we are bringing new value to communities by allowing all participants to share in its success by receiving a modest daily income. Beneficiaries have increased economic incentives to utilise Myubi cryptocurrency in their local communities and further afield given its intended global outreach.

  Our Core    Myubi's applications, ecosystem and cryptocurrency is a powerful tool allowing for near fee-free daily benevolent micro-payments into participants Myubi Wallet. A daily Basic Income granted in the form of Myubi cryptocurrency can rapidly enhance and ease the financial struggle that more than 700 million people living in extreme poverty face on a daily basis. Myubi is designed to supplement existing national currencies by creating new micro-economies and stimulating economic activity within communities. Myubi helps by providing a form of payment and secure transaction system (using blockchain technology) where in many parts of the developing world traditional cash currency is scarce and there is inadequate access social welfare services.  

What you should know.

  • MYUBI cryptocurrency will be gradually released over a 20-year program.

  • Participants can claim between $0.50 to $1.50 USD of value in MYUBI cryptocurrency daily.

  • Myubi will seek Charitable, Public Benevolent Institutional and Not for Profit status.

  • No company trading profits or assets will be distributed to founders, or shareholders, Myubi Tokens may be awarded in part or in lieu of cash payments for actual work and services done for the benefit of Myubi and its goals.

  • MYUBI cryptocurrency release policies will prevent dumping and price manipulation.

  • MYUBI cryptocurrency is only released to early supporters and network participants and program partners.

  • MYUBI cryptocurrency distribution rate will depend upon market price and number of network participants.

MYUBI - A borderless payment system, powered by Ethereum.

 The MYU is a native digital currency on the MYUBI Blockchain. MYUBI Blockchain is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, ensuring maximum interoperability with cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and applications.

The Myubi Foundation has minted a fixed total supply of 100 Billion MYUBI (MYU), of which 5 percent of the total supply (5 Billion Tokens) will be made available during Seed fundraising and later, further fundraising before Myubi UBI program launch.

MYU is available as a native cryptocurrency asset in the Myubi Wallet.


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Myubi Team

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Mark Heggart
Founder & CEO
Alan Lawson
Rexx Fernandez
Community Manager
Craig Page
Chief Technology Officer


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Michael Whitehorn
OTC Trading & Blockchain Advisor
Corney & Lind Lawyer...
Legal & Charity Law Advisors

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