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Mythereum is a multiplayer digital trading card game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players build unique decks of collectible cards and challenge others to engage in battle.
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About Mythereum

Mythereum is the first playable trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain. It is similar in some ways to popular games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Hearthstone, but the gameplay is completely original.

Mythereum Cards

Every Mythereum Card is a unique Ethereum blockchain-based asset that you can trade, transfer or sell, either directly or on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea. Each pack includes random cards from the latest edition. As you play, you'll gain Mythex, an ERC-20 token which you can redeem for new cards or upgrades to ones you already own.

Each Edition has a maximum number of cards to be ever minted. Once that cap is reached, the edition will no longer be available for purchase and the only way to obtain any cards from that edition is from a player who is willing to trade or sell them to you.

The first and most limited edition, Genesis, was capped at 5,000 cards (sold out). The second edition, Awakening, is capped at 50,000 cards. There is also the 100% Free-to-Play Survivor Edition from which every account can claim up to 30 cards (3 packs). There will be more editions released as time goes on but there will never be more cards released of any existing edition beyond the edition cap.


Deck Building is a strategic aspect of Mythereum. Every possible deck will have a unique set of dynamically balanced characteristics which will directly affect gameplay. Adding just a single card to a deck can alter the deck's characteristics dramatically. Decks can be composed using any combination of five or more cards from any assortment of editions. Based on the attributes of the cards chosen, a Deck Score will be calculated which includes the amount of health points (HP) that the deck starts with in battle as well as a specific amount of Magick that is produced every turn for that deck in battle.

Due to the nature of the dynamic deck balancing mechanism, Mythereum is NOT pay-to-win. A well-composed deck of free or inexpensive cards can handily defeat the most exclusive and costly of decks. A sound strategy and a balanced deck are your keys to success.


Each player chooses one of their decks to bring to battle. There's no maximum number of cards in a deck, but the minimum to play is 5 cards. Each player's deck is automatically shuffled, then players are dealt five cards from their deck to make up their initial hand. Players can elect any card (or none) as the initial Leader Card. Each player starts the game with a number of Health Points (HP) determined by the power rating of the deck they created and will lose the game if this reaches zero or all of his cards are defeated, whichever happens first.

Free to Play

Playing a game of Mythereum is entirely free! We host periodic tournaments with real ETH prizes contributed by the Mythereum team and funded by ongoing card sale proceeds. We offer both free-to-play tournaments and paid-entry ones, and players only need to have a qualified deck to enter. Mythereum is able to do this because it uses a hybrid model with player assets on the Ethereum blockchain and gameplay on our private sidechain.

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