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The main idea of MyEtherPony is to create a fun, lasting and rewarding digital pet game with the use of blockchain technology and the ecosystem. So we thought, why not Ponies? Since they are much more expensive to own as a pet in real life. And they are cute and smart too! Each MyEtherPony pony is unique and different in appearance and their ability is based on many distinct "genes." which determine their strength, stamina, speed, temperament, wellness and intelligence. These attributes give the pony different advantages while competing with each other in a range fun-filled mini-games. There are various mini-games so that each pony will always have a chance to win. Dekla’s in-game currency (DKL) allows you to earn an abundance of token rewards as you breed, raise, train and prepare your majestic MyEtherPony to compete live against real opponents.
Pre Sale
Oct 31, 2018
Nov 30, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 300 000.00 USD
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Token Details
Total supply
10 bil
Token Distribution

Phase 1 - 1 Bil
Pre Sale - 6%
Sale - 57%
Legal, Marketing, Bounty - 17%
Team and Advisors - 20%
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Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Dekla LTD
Registered Country
United Kingdom
Company Founded
Feb 5, 2018
Bonus Structure
Pre Sale - 8.8%
Additional Details
Ethereum, ERC 20, ERC 721

About MyEtherPony

Blockchain technology is in the discovery stage, use cases are developing and the potential of Blockchain is limitless. While most of the Blockchain evangelist and experts are discovering the business application sector, we decided to take a different approach to have fun and look into the world of games. We believe that the power of Blockchain will bring change to traditional methods of transacting. The different ways people have used this technology are extremely exciting, and we are thrilled to share our interpretation of Blockchain in games. The MyEtherPony (MEP) team has been involved in game development since 2006, cryptocurrency and Blockchain since 2012, we see huge potential in combining these 2 sectors to create products which benefit the greater community. MyEtherPony is an innovative game that aims to create a decentralised system that can educate the public on the basic tokenomics and Blockchain in a fun way. We hope that the community not only can have fun, but win rewards at the same time. MyEtherPony is our first step into the world of Blockchain games, so do continue to watch out for our upcoming innovations too.



Our creative designers have have crafted cute base design for the ponies. In addition, we will frequently release new mini-games to provide a richer experience. Not only that, our designated art team will continue to prepare special hand-crafted Ponies, that way players will have hundreds of designs to choose from.


MyEtherPony Gameplay Highlights:


  • For those into collectibles – The maximum ponies to be generated by us are ONLY 5000.
  • Breeding - breed them to explore the various possible pony varieties and sell them in an online marketplace like eBay, or buy one for a friend or family member.
  • Digital Pet Game – Interact, feed, train and take care of your ponies and keep them happy. The happiness index is important to win competitions.
  • Pony mini-duel competition – 1 on 1 duel with another player
  • Competition host – You can opt to be your own community leader and earn a fee from hosting the competition.
  • Mini-games – Each pony is unique with their inner ability, elements, with different strength and weaknesses. Our gameplay is designed in a balanced manner to fit into varieties of gamers’ genre.
  • “Unicornisation” – The upgrade mechanics, each pony has a chance to evolve into Unicorn or Pegasus, sometimes both!


Aside from all the fun and entertainment, our team has developed an advantageous business strategy to ensure a sustainable business model to benefit all participants in the long run via:


  • Bonus pool, part of the reward to be returned back to active participant/user
  • Earning a fee cut from becoming a game host.
  • Be an in-game pet food farmer/tools builder/pony caretaker and earn tokens.

Technical Info

MyEtherPony is a digital pet game using ERC721 for the ponies and Dekla token ERC20 for the in game currency token.

We are using smart contract for the eBay list bidding system, a combination of both on chain and off chain.

The basic tokenomics can be found here:

Our gitlab is here:


MyEtherPony Roadmap

  • ERC721 on Testnet - 19/10/2018

  • You can view them here

    This is the contract address:
  • Thin Client Wallet Release Main net- 19/10/2018

  • Integrating into platform, Ethereum wallet creation, import and use of Metamask as option to users.
    You can try it out by registering here, and choose Wallet option.
  • Bidding and Buying Ponies on Main net - Early November 2018

  • Users can use the wallet system to bid and buy the ponies using DKL tokens.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

MyEtherPony Team

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Shahrul Nizam
Senior Full Stack Developer
Steven Sinha
Senior Full Stack Developer
Luan Phan
Senior Full Stack Developer
Amir Irwan
CEO/Project Lead
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