My Universe

My Universe

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Play to earn // Sparkles Economic freedom for gamers // Best Metaverse Nft game . in-game mining
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About My Universe

Project aims to launch its native game related to metaverse technology and make it a real metaverse reinforced web3 project.

This financial ecosystem is DEFI at all and consists of softwares processing on blockchain

The game will be played in order to symbolize nft photographs and other digital file types.

The project will distribute awards within the ecosystem presenting a financial DEFI network based on web3.

The game is designed to make people have an experience a DEFI game joy and gain a seat in their lifes forever.

The goal of the players is to travel
among all the planets and galaxies in the universe and interact, struggle each other and explore new star systems in a total DEFI ecosystem.

My universe that is a DEFI project does not only aim to create a metaverse ecosystem, also establishing its own financial “galaxy”.

My universe will enable people to create instant NFT marketplaces while fighting in their battlefield and sell these mentioned NFTs through our DEFI stock exchange.

My universe will also allow you to interact and trade between each other using this instantaneous NTF marketplace and execute a native financial ecosystem.

My universe gives all the people an unlimited imagination opportunity rather tan a “universe” in which you can have a metaverse experience

My Universe Roadmap

  • Q1

  • Beta Release Launch
  • Q2

  • Launching Game-Nft Defi Project and Forging New Stories Through Our NFT Desk
  • Q3

  • Launching The First Beta Version Of MyUniverse
  • Q4

  • Publishing Our Improvements On Metaverse And Beginning Our Tests On VR Technology
  • Read More
  • Q5

  • Activating Our Game For User Experience


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