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NFT tokens are the latest form of using Blockchain technology. We are creating World's first NFT Music Metaverse platform! It enables NFTization of both music and all the extras. The keypart is easy accessibility, minimum transaction fees, as well as the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
In addition to the value represented as "digital goods" tokens can also have additional functionality, such as enabling meetings with artists, access toto virtual VR concerts and much more! Muzible takes music to a new level of experience in VR and AR . The level of the Metaverse world where everything is new.

We NFTize the music!
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About Muzible

NFT tokens are the latest form of Blockchain technology. We are creating an NFT Music platform that enables NFTization of both music and all the extras. The key part is easy accessibility, minimum transaction fees, as well as the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which is a transition of NFT Tokens to the material world!

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital record of a unique token and associated media (images, music or others). These tokens are stored in a decentralized Blockchain network which, due to their uniqueness and limited supply, gain value and become a digital good. The portal is based on Blockchain-NFT technology (in the ERC-721 standard) that connects the digital world with the material world. The platform enables the practical use of NFT technology in music distribution, content creation and marketing campaigns. The application offers various token distribution solutions for
specific use cases:

Individual artists and music labels have the opportunity to create NFT Albums and special NFT Tokens dedicated to the artist, allowing for the promotion of their music or concert tours. They can also be randomly attached to a limited number of music albums, giving each fan a chance to find a unique NFT
Token QR code. Part of the artist's NFT special pool might include a limited edition of albums or boxes. The tokens can be generated during the show and claimed with the mobile app or created and deployed in temporary 'pop-up stores 2.0'. All the tokens are enabled to be exchanged on our exchange - the first NFT
music exchange!

The numbers of CDs being sold are dropping and this trend will continue. Digitalization of music is inevitable and for now the only substitute for previous media like cassettes or CDs is streaming. Easy access, the range of music and monopolistic status is what makes streaming services so popular. But the music can only be accessed in rental form through a subscription. What we offer is to bring the OWNERSHIP of music back to the listeners who are the customers and consumers of music and everything around it. What is crucial for the user is the fact that buying an NFT Album (for a regular price of a CD) gives them a
right to own that music just like a CD, with blockchain technology as the proof of ownership. A consumer is spending the same amount of money but the music he or she owns will not perish, unlike the streaming platform when the subscription expires. This allows users of the platform to not only listen to their
favourite artists and support them by buying their albums, but they can also resell it in the future just like any collectible or valuable CD.

From the artists’ perspective, this will allow for next level distribution of their music in the digital realm. Many of their followers, who are not eager to buy the physical music albums in the form of CDs, simply because they do not own a CD player, are eager to have their digital NFT Albums with their unique right of
ownership of that particular album. The decisive part of this form of music distribution is that the artist is getting the fair share of the income that the selling of their music generates. The standard model of music distribution deprives artists of their income since they get even less than 15%, in many cases as low as 6.6% of the price of each sold CD. This is due to the costs of printing, packaging, CDs, and the distribution. Within this chain of manufacturing and distribution chain the actual creator of the music is the one who gets the least. Our solution offers a new approach to this model that we call – Artist First. Due to the low costs of creating and distributing the NFT Albums, we change the standard model and allow the creators to be compensated fairly.

We NFTize the music!


Our ecosystem will allow artist to use our mobile app to swipe the screen of their phone in order to ‘throw’ tokens that can be claimed by members of the audience. Those tokens, apart from the value they represent as 'digital goods', may have additional perks, like discounts or a backstage pass for meet and

The merchandise sold by the artists, or their affiliated brands can promote, increase profits, or enter the
premium product segment, enabling the purchase of limited editions only for NFT owners. At the same time, it is possible to purchase an NFT card that will allow the assigning of their tokens to the card. Thanks to the one-time code generated on the card it is possible to use the card for purchases in an on-line or a physical store. For example, the card can be used to purchase tickets from a special pool dedicated to NFT

Creating NFT Extras allows you to connect the physical realm of products with the digital world, e.g. by creating a digital visual representation of music or an artist as a brand and generates products in the form of a unique NFT Token.

AR technology is used in a completely new context, which allows you to create specific tokens in a selected location at a specific time. Artists can distribute their tokens around a specific area. That might be a method of promoting their music through an activity like urban games. Tokens could also allow for the fans
to hear a song in a certain location after he scans the token with our mobile app. Artist can place the token at the location that is described in a particular song or is somehow significant to him or his music. This can take the experience of listening to music to the next level. Tokens can also be released along the tour, in each city, so the most dedicated fans can collect it and received an NFT Token in a form of an achievement. This is a tool for gamification of the listeners’ experience. Generating an NFT on the occasion of the opening of a new store or the launch of a new product line expands traditional sales models with
Blockchain technology. Such token drops are an innovative promotion tool and a way to build a modern consumer community.

Additionally, we create a unique dimension of using NFT technology by applying it in charity actions. By creating tokens in the form of charity donations we enable support for musicians, non-governmental organizations or charities. In all cases, it is possible to use QR codes with the mobile application and access an artist’s playlist or recent drops. Our dedicated NFT Token market on the platform allows you to trade with minimal transaction fees. Each NFT may be transferred to other exchanges. And our dedicated wallet allows you to use the platform exchange without the need for advanced knowledge of Blockchain
technology. It is also possible to integrate an external Metamask wallet with our platform.

Our portal targets the global music market with exposure to Asia, mainly China and Japan. We operate in a regulated Swiss jurisdiction and are in the process of accrediting our business on the part of FINMA.

Muzible Roadmap

  • Q1 2021

  • Platform Building Blocks
  • Q1 2021

  • Wallet Dev & Test
  • Q2 2021

  • Platform Beta Testing
  • Q3 2021

  • Muzible Coin
  • Read More
  • Q3-Q4 2021

  • Android & iOS Mobile Apps
  • Q3-Q4 2021

  • Augmented Reality
  • Q4 2021

  • Wearables
  • Q1 2022

  • NFT Card


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