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MutantSheepsLab is a collection of 5,555 uniquely designed Mutated Sheeps escaped from “Dr. Psycho Phil’s” laboratory together to get on the SOLANA Blockchain.
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MutantSheepsLab Roadmap

  • Q2 2022 PHASE 1

  • Launch the initial collection of 5,555 infected Mutant Sheeps on to the Solana, and begin the search for a cure. Establish DAO wallet And Begin $Wool token Distribution to staked Mutant Sheeps NFT holders. and begin purchasing Blue Chip NFTs to fractionalize and distribute via staked Mutant Sheeps. ( reveal will be in Q3 )
  • Q2 2022 PHASE 2

  • After the end of the sale, all unsold NFTs will be burned and the world will never see these mutants again.
    Massive Giveaways for Holders
    +High-quality merchandise is released, inspired by designer brands.
    Our next goal is to partner with Rarity Sniper ranking etc., and integrate their bot into our official Discord server. By doing so, our holders can check the rarities of their NFTs. We might even appear on crypto-friendly billboards?!
  • Q3 2022 PHASE 1

  • We will open a charity wallet to help protect Lab Animals and keep them safe by donating the collected amount to Humane Society International ← click here
    One of our main Motive is to protect the lab animals.
  • Q3 Phase 2

  • $WOOL are a key part of the MutantSheeps project, and will have a multitude of use cases as our project grows, from raffle entries, exclusive Merchandise, Alpha access, and of course Breeding of mutant Sheeps. But we strongly feel that it is only scratching the surface of what $WOOL could do. To celebrate this, we’re holding our first-ever $WOOL Hackathon to explore future uses for our native token, with 150 SOL in prizes to be claimed!
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  • Q4 Phase 1

  • The Mutant Sheeps Final Form has yet to be revealed. The Phil Serum has been Reconstructed and will be distributed to those who desire to buy it. The only thing that is certain is no one knows what will happen Next!
    +P2E GAME REVEAL and early access to those who hold 3 or more NFTs.


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