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MusicLife ICO A revolutionary blockchain music ecosystem. Blockchain is a technical framework that is primarily used to solve problems with trust, accounting and authentic rights etc. Since the time music was first transformed into purely digital assets, it has always faced enormous risks in the area of intellectual property piracy and difficulties in ascertaining said property rights. Musicians, record companies, and online music distributors have faced challenges in producing enough revenue from selling music alone. MusicLife has established a brand-new pricing reform that will automatically calculate the music price based on the actual number of listeners.
Sep 17, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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About MusicLife

MusicLife is a blockchain-based music ecosystem. It is comprised of Software Development Kit (SDK), a hardware embedded system and a Music Exchange trading program. For music connected to MusicLife, we have rebuilt the way pricing is comprised. Users will automatically invest in music by listening to songs. In turn, the musician and the record company will also benefit from each play. MusicLife has established a brand-new environmental pricing format, where prices and market values will be automatically calculated and evaluated based on the existence of music listeners. A part of the music shares will also automatically go to the users who purchased the song. MusicLife seeks to help the current music industry and break the deadlock between copyright infringement and piracy. With this in mind, it will truly benefit every aspect of the music industry. MusicLife is operated by the Singapore-based non-profit organisation MusicLife Foundation and the Japanese company MusicLife Co. ILtd.

MusicLife Roadmap

  • January 2018

  • Create inspiration. Design frameworks and economic models.
  • February 2018

  • Successfully negotiate with the first batch of hardware and software partners. Complete the first edition of white paper. Start technology research and development .
  • March 2018

  • Foundation registration. Official website goes live.
  • April 2018

  • Improved economic model. Decision as to the design of the public blockchain.
  • Read More
  • May 2018

  • Generate MITC token. Draft second edition white paper.
  • June 2018

  • First telegram drops 100,000 people, 3 days to achieve the goal. Update second-generation official website. Update second edition white paper. Total drops 300,000 people in June.
  • July 2018

  • In july, the total number of airdrops reached 600 thousand. Access first software: echo.
  • August 2018

  • Access to the first digging MITC hardware: MusicLens. Launch the first warm-up activity.
  • September 2018

  • Start ICO. MusicLens "mine machine" goes into production and can be purchased.
  • October 2018

  • First celebrity collaboration.MITC launched on the first music exchange.First musician joins.The first song to support online trading.
  • November 2018

  • 10 musicians. 100 songs settled.
  • December 2018

  • The first ‘international superstar’ joins. Active users up to 50,000. Create a song valued over one million dollars. 100 musicians. 1,000 songs settled. MusicLens ‘Miner’ produces 100,000 units.


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MusicLife Team

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Kaiming LIU
Founder and Chairman
Kevin Edwards-Yano
Chief Executive Officer
Rui Shi
Chief Technology Officer
Java Ma
Chief Growth Officer
Yuko Inui
Global Legal Consultant
Yijun Hong
Blockchain Consultant


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Junyi Liu
Music technology industry advisor

MusicLife Last News

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