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Msg Sender

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Msg Sender is a product enabling users to interact with decentralized exchanges (DEX) on BSC on their mobile devices.
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About Msg Sender

MsgSender is a decentralized wallet (for Android and iOS) with a mobile-friendly DEX front end with a user friendly interface. People who have experienced MsgSender describe it as: "It's a DEX just like CEX".

MsgSender is a mobile product that gives users a way to interact with decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and its utility token MSG will be exclusively launching on BSC in the near future. The traditional way to trade on DEXs is through their websites and 3rd party wallets, which is definitely not user-friendly. MsgSender integrates cross-chain wallets with an improved user interface for trading and liquidity providing, which helps create a user experience that is similar to CEX products.

1. There are too many DEXs operating in the market, with different chains and wallets, but users don’t have a go-to platform. 2. User interfaces of web-based DEXs are usually complex and not user-friendly. 3. Pair selection process on DEXs is too complicated. 4. Not enough data for trading or general decision making; traders require more information such as K-line charts, liquidity data, order history, recent trading history, user positions, APY, etc. 5. Lack of deep and valuable data like hot trading pairs, newly listed pairs, liquidity rank, etc. where traders can find the invaluable opportunities they are looking for to make their next big break.   Integrated DEX & wallet function A decentralized wallet and DEX are integrated one single mobile app. Like any other crypto wallet, users can add their favorite tokens to their address. Additionally, LP tokens are highlighted and related pairs are displayed for a smooth user experience. It also supports all tokens on BSC and Ethereum, giving you a wide variety of choice. User-Friendly Interface Traders are already familiar with top-tier centralized crypto exchanges, which are efficiency-oriented and user-friendly. Learning from their better qualities, the MsgSender team designed the UI to be similar to top-tier centralized crypto exchanges like Binance, giving you a familiar and user-friendly interface. Information Display There are more than 370,000 trading pairs listed on Pancake. MsgSender can provide users detailed charts for all existing trading pairs (from 5 minutes to 1 week) including MA indicators; every new trading pair will have its own chart automatically added after the first liquidity is provided. After trading or providing liquidity, users can find their positions and order history on the same page, all data are gathered from full nodes of BSC. Trading Pair Decision-making Support Trading Pairs are categorized by different stable coins and Key coins. Users can see pairs with most trading volume here and discover hot pairs through the 24-hour ranking, which is calculated and ranked using SWAP transactions of a pair completed in the last 24 hours. Users are also able to search contract addresses to find corresponding trading pairs. Liquidity Adding Users can add liquidity for the trading pairs on the same swap page, without the additional hassle of searching pairs all over again. The displayed LP position lets users know how many pair tokens they can redeem in real-time. Liquidity Rank will also be provided to users, along with the commission APY of Swap transaction fee for any given pair.

Msg Sender Roadmap

  • Q2, 2021

  • MsgSender for Pancake Launched.
  • Q4, 2021

  • Launch MsgSender Lite, a simplified version which supports multi-chain Dex.
  • Q1, 2022

  • MsgSender upgrade, support for multi-chain wallet.
  • Q2, 2022

  • NFT markets integration.
  • Read More
  • Q3, 2022

  • Cross-Chain Bridge integarted.
  • Q4, 2022

  • MSG GameFi product Plan Unveil.


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