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IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain in one Platform for Monitoring and Communicating on Mountain Hiking Area.
Jul 6, 2019
Jul 13, 2019
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Oct 23, 2018
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About Mountable

Mountable is a platform and product that provides a system of communication, monitoring, and information in areas that are difficult to achieve, including areas without signal and without internet. It powered by IoT as a network and Blockchain as personal information data chain. It can be installed for mountain hikers to navigate locations and conditions as well as improving hiking experience through the features of emergency calling and detection of weather conditions.


Mountable is an innovative product consisting of data communication system, information, and monitoring in areas that are difficult to reach, especially for the regions without cellular signals and internet. By allowing the data and information gathering, namely compilation, to be applied in the hiking, you can find the location and condition of the hikers, make an emergency landing, and climbing. We can make your climbing experience safer with the latest monitoring system where real-time communication and monitoring services are provided between hikers and managers. Mountable product has made a breakthrough by combining the technology of IoT and Blockchain to get such experience. 

Mobile Application

Firstly, we will explain the features in mobile application and how to use them. This application is essential because it will guide you in the hiking and it’s integrated with the tracking tools. When you open the app, you will see a page with Mountable brand logo and wait until it directs you to the Login page. Then at the Login page, you need to input your email and password. The account you use to log in is the same account you registered in Mountable website. There’s also Sign Up menu if you don’t have the account yet. After login, there will be a Home Screen page.

On the Home Screen page, there is Tab Navigation, which consists of Home, History, Emergency, Direction, and Account menu. It also shows the status and location of the user, as well as the button to connect with the tracking tools. At the bottom of it is the menu to choose a mountain you want to hike. When you’ve already picked the mountain, it will show you the map. On the screen, there are also buttons to show user location, notification, and the option to start hiking. When you’re ready to hike, you can choose the Start Hiking button with the “play’ icon shape, at the bottom of the notification button. While you’re in hiking and there’s an emergency, you can send messages to the mountain superintendent through the Emergency menu. After the hiking, you can see the history of hiking activity on the History menu. Every time you finish the hiking, you’ll get a reward as an achievement page that you can share with your friends to WhatsApp, Line, Zomato, Gmail, as well as other applications.

 Mobile Application


Tracking Tools

Now we’re going to talk about the tracking tools. These tools are essential because they will provide you information about your location, altitude, the weather, and the emergency system to connect with the mountain superintendent. The superintendent can also keep track of your location. Then, how to use all of these features? So, there are four buttons on the tool: Up, Down, Left, Right. The up and down bottoms will let you move the pointer between menus. Then you choose one of the menus with the right bottom. As for the left bottom, the same as the “Back” option on the mobile phone.

When there’s an emergency, you can choose the Send Message menu to ask for help from the evacuation team. There are options to describe your hard situations: lost, separated from the group, accident, and need medical treatment. After you pick one, choose “next,” and your message will be processed immediately. There’s also an option to cancel the message if the problem has already been solved and you don’t need evacuation team. There are also the weather, time, and altitude information to support your hiking activity. These tracking tools will let the mountain superintendent monitor your location real-time to ensure the safety of you and your group.

Tracking Tools


Another tool to provide hiking safety is the Nodes, or we can call it as a repeater. Nodes are the signal transmitter with IoT technology that we produce for the hiking mountain area. These are essential tools to connect the Mountain Agency and Rescue Organization to the hikers.

  Repeater (Nodes)

Now that you already know our product features and its functions, these are created for the safety and enjoyment of your hiking activity. We are dedicated to actualizing Mountable vision which is to increase the security in mountain hiking area and make mountains to be a safe place for sport, as well as a tourism activity, that is safe for everyone. To support the vision, it’s vital for us to craft the best innovative technology for the hikers. We also see the importance to take the most advantage of our technology era to give comfort and safety to the human. By all means, the Hikers’ nature exploration doesn’t have to be hindered by any compilation.

Technical Info

Tracker :
- Battery up to 5 days
- Range up to 8km
- Size 115x67x25mm
- Weight 450gr
- Level IP66
- Battery Li-ion 4000mah
- Military build quality

Node :
- Battery up to 60days
- Range up to 8km
- Size 160x160x150mm
- Weight 1,6kg
- Level IP66
- Battery Li-ion 60.000mah
- Military build quality

Mountable Roadmap

  • 3rd quarter 2018 - Design System and Customer Validation

  • Do market research and designing system
  • 4th quarter 2018 - Tracking Tools Prototype 1.0 Beta Testing on Mount Sumbing

  • Build a prototype and device testing on Mount Sumbing
  • 1st quarter 2019 - Tracking Tools Prototype 2.0 (Water Test) Development and Android Alpha

  • Water testing on Prototype and building Android Application
  • 2nd quarter 2019 - Tracking Tools Prototype 2.0 Beta Testing on Mount Gede

  • Build a prototype and device testing on Mount Gede (TNGGP)
  • Read More
  • 3rd quarter 2019 - Application and Tracking Tools Integration, Android Pilot Testing Application

  • System deployment on the platform
  • 4th quarter 2019 - Android Pilot Application, Device Production and Gateway Research

  • Android application finished, and do mass production and gateway research
  • 1st quarter 2020 - Certification Ingress Protection, System and Design Patent, and Radio Frequency Registration

  • Have a patent, registered on government frequency band, and certification
  • 2nd quarter 2019 - 2 Mount on Java Island Implementation with Full System and Business

  • 2 Mount deployed with Mountable platform with full system and business
  • 3rd quarter 2020 - 4 Most Popular Mount Implementation in Indonesia with Full System and Business

  • 4 Mount deployed with Mountable platform with full system and business
  • 4th quarter - 8 Most Popular Mount Implementation in Indonesia with Full System and Business

  • 8 Mount deployed with Mountable platform with full system and business


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Mountable Team

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Valda Orchidea Zahwa
Adhitya Wicaksono
Yudha Dwiputra
Rizky Ramadian Wijay...
David Raditya K
Electrical Engineer
Albertus Ageng P
IoT Engineer
Yuda Chandra W
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer

Mountable Interviews

Yuda Chandra W
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Blockchain developer, take responsibilities to adopt blockchain technology and develop to Mountable platform. Currently, MNT use ERC20 standard on their platform, we planned to migrate on our blockchain platform as main net blockchain in the future.
What do you think about idea?
It powered by IoT as a network and Blockchain as personal information data chain. It can be installed for mountain hikers to navigate locations and conditions as well as improving hiking experience through the features of emergency calling and detection of weather conditions.
5.0 10
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