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Money Tree

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Fair & Fun Blockchain Gaming
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About Money Tree

$MONEY is designed to provide passive income for holders as well as the opportunity for active players to win more prizes without needing to stake or lock tokens. The MoneyTree platform hosts a collection of dApps which run 100% on-chain and are built on the basis of statistical fairness, there is no house edge and all results are chosen with Chainlink VRF to guarantee transparency. $MONEY is used as the underlying currency on the platform to interact with the mini-games and purchase NFTs & lootboxes.

Holders of $MONEY can claim weekly $BNB & $MONEY token dividends, the dividends are derived from transaction taxes and shared revenue from lootbox & NFT sales. $MONEY holders are automatically entered in to a free weekly lottery which pays in $BUSD. The more $MONEY held, the better the odds of winning and the larger the dividends. $MONEY is deflationary with tokens being burned whenever NFTs & lootboxes are purchased as well as when games are played.

Money Tree Roadmap

  • Pre-Launch - Oct 16th 2021

  • Create the 1 million unique MoneyTree NFTs
    Upload NFTs with stats to IPFS
    Intergrate with Chainlink VRF for on-chain randomness
    Develop the automated, free, weekly BUSD lottery
    Develop the weekly dividend system for $MONEY holders
    Develop Gridlock: Roulette with no house-edge
    Develop Numberdome: Statistically fair lucky dip
    Deploy dApps with Web3 connectivity to the website
    Developer wallet locked until 2024 with DxSale
    Fair launch on PancakeSwap with all LP burned
  • V1 Updates - Completed

  • Change BUSD weekly lottery to 3 winners
    AMA in the official Chainlink Telegram
    Develop a weekly NFT lottery
    Coinmarketcap diamond rewards collaboration
    List on a leading CEX: WhiteBIT
    Setup NFT stores at: NFTrade, Lootex & tofuNFT
    Update documentation & create a video overview
  • V2 Updates - Completed

  • Develop NFT staking: claim weekly dividends
    AMA in the official WhiteBIT Telegram
    Develop Lucky Limbs: On demand & fair slots
    Coinmarketcap diamond rewards collaboration x2
    Develop the BNB weekly dividend system for more rewards
    Assign 90% of all NFT purchases to dividends, burn 10%
    Trading competition with WhiteBIT
    Improve website QoL
  • V3 Updates - In Progress

  • Coinmarketcap diamond rewards collaboration x3
    Develop WikiTrees: The hub for NFTs
    Develop NFT Mass Upgrade: 100 NFTs at once
    Deploy the new Claim Rewards dApp with more stats
    Added support for WalletConnect
    Integrated Chainlink VRF2 reducing fees by 75%
    Deploy the new MoneyTree homepage
    First live versus mode event
    Develop Money Saplings
    Develop the first free play to earn game using legendary NFTs
    Intergrate with Chainlink Keepers for full on-chain automation
    Develop the peer to peer NFT battle game
    Begin the process for Land of Pecunias
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  • V4 Updates - Planned

  • Cross-chain deployment for $MONEY & NFTs
    Develop another free play to earn game using legendary NFTs
    Intergrate with Chainlink CCIP for decentralised cross-chain swaps
    Develop the increased rewards for $MONEY holders
    Develop the MoneyTree Metaverse VR/PC/Mobile application
    Develop the “Decentralized Las Vegas of the Metaverse”
    List on an additional leading CEX


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