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Mommy Shiba Inu

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About Mommy Shiba Inu

Mommy Shiba Inu is a new arrival in the cryptocurrency canine family, with both the community and its social purpose firmly at the heart of this project. Mommy Shiba Inu is inbuilt reward system for holders.

Mommy Shiba Inu is all about spreading the crypto love. Seeing the rise of the blockchain and the lack of specialized platform for meme token, we thought about making this community-centric meme hub, in a totally decentralized fashion.

The team puts community first with a competitive rewards plan for long term holders. Mommy Shiba Inu is also committed to providing its community with transparency and fairness.

We prioritize our holders but we never forget that this project was born out of a genuine social purpose. Being part of the Mommy Shiba Inu community is rewarding in many ways!

Mommy Shiba Inu Roadmap

  • Nov, 2021

  • Trend research
    ● Market and cryptocurrency trend research

    ● Contract development
    ● Web development

    ● Social media established

    Airdrop and liquidity
    ● Airdrop campaign
    ● Adding liquidity to pancake
    ● Lock the liquidy
  • Dec, 2021

  • Listing
    ● List to cmc
    ● List to coingecko
    ● List to coincodex
    ● List to nomics
    ● Etc
  • Q1, 2022

  • Swap
    ● MommySwap development
    ● DaddySwap deployment

    More Listing
    ● List to the most popular centralize exchange like hotbit
  • Q2, 2022

  • More promotion, research, and app feature development
    ● More promotion
    ● More research
    ● New app feature development

Mommy Shiba Inu Last News

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