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Artificial Intelligence for accurate financial markets predictions
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Nov 18, 2017
Dec 18, 2017
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Oct 19, 2017
Dec 19, 2017
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Mirocana is a complex predicting system based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyse huge volumes of financial data. We created three investment products based on system's predictions for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets. Access to these products is restricted by amount of tokens on customer's account.

MIRO token is an data access object for Mirocana Investment Products. Also MIRO tokens are used by the system to encourage talented people to contribute their knowledge and code for the propose of increasing the accuracy of Mirocana predictions. MIRO tokens can be purchased during a Token Sale, or after at the Exchange.


There are 3 products for assets management.

  1. Predicts over 400 stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ stocks exchanges manages the funds, being integrated to an Interactive Brokers account.
  2. Predicts 125 fiat currency pairs and manages the funds, being integrated to an OANDA broker’s account.
  3. Predicts 90 cryptocurrency pairs that are listed on Poloniex exchange and is able to allocate the coins on a client’s account.

When the AI is integrated to a client’s account, it ​​will not have the right to withdraw any money, it will only manage the funds in accordance with received forecasts. Moreover, Mirocana will not charge any commision for the first 8 months and it will compensate 25% of any loss occurred.

Pre-sale terms

The pre-sale starts on October, 9 and lasts for 10 days.
Minimum entry is 1 ETH, all others terms are as follows:

  • If you buy up to 10 ETH you get 5% discount.
  • If you buy up to 50 ETH you get 10%.
  • If you buy up to 100 ETH you get 20% discount.
  • If you buy from 100 ETH then the discount is individually discussed.

Key competitive advantages

  1. They do not take customers funds to their accounts. Mirocana connects to an existing broker or exchange account, using an access key, and manages funds of a client there. The company does not have the rights to withdraw any money.
  2. They are building three platforms for crowdsourced learning that will improve the overall accuracy of predictions. All the contributors will be paid in MIRO tokens.
  3. Mirocana bases its predictions on many data sources. AI’s market forecasts are not only based on moving averages but on many factors, such as technical indicators, correlations, chart patterns, other players’ activity, news, articles, tweets and even Google Trends.
  4. The system works not only with cryptocurrencies but with traditional stock and currency markets as well.


Mirocana was not created static. The system bases its predictions on many strategies and constantly recalculates the weights to adjust to changing market conditions and achieve best possible performance.
Mirocana is not a hedge-fund. The system manages funds in the personal broker or exchange account. You can track all opened and closed positions in real-time.
Mirocana is fully automatic. The system works 24/7 and it readjusts the forecasts every 5 seconds, taking into account a vast number of strategies.

Technical Info

Technical details:  The system structured to unify all possible data types to one common format. The system takes into account as many factors as possible: technical indicators, chart patterns, correlations, fundamentals, trading activity of other traders, analysts and hedge-fund managers, news, tweets, articles and other data that may correlate with assets' prices. The source code:  The code of the product is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team


  • NOVEMBER 2017

  • Simulation results for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets for version 1.1 released. At that point we will have ±140 strategies in the system and ±3 billion predictions in the database.
  • DECEMBER 2017

  • We will finish Token Sale. Our customers who have access to Currency product will be able to start manage their funds in January of 2018.
  • FEBRUARY 2018

  • We will launch our product for Crypto-Currency Market. Simulation results for version 1.2 released. At that point we will have ±350 strategies in the system and ±8 billion predictions.
  • MARCH 2018

  • We will launch our product for Stock Market. Every customer will have his/her own account manager who will help set up the integration with Interactive Brokers correctly.
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  • MAY 2018

  • Mirocana Alpha released - a platform, where any interested quant or algo-trader will be able to submit his/her own strategy and get paid in MR tokens. It will significantly increase number of strategies in the system and positively affect the accuracy of predictions.
  • JUNE 2018

  • Simulation results for version 1.3 released. At that point we will have ±1100 strategies in the system and ±24 billion predictions.
  • AUGUST 2018

  • Mirocana Sigma released - a platform where any skilful data scientist will be able to create, validate and submit predictions of his own predicting model during a tournaments that will conduct on a regular base. It will significantly increase the accuracy of predictions.
  • OCTOBER 2018

  • Simulation results for version 1.4 released. At that point we will have ±2400 strategies in the system and ±53 billion predictions.
  • FEBRUARY 2019

  • Mirocana Target released - iOS and Android app, as well as web-interface, where any interested person will be able to submit his/her own forecasts about future price movements, and get paid if predictions will be accurate and consistent. We will add this platform as a new data source in the system.
  • MARCH 2019

  • Simulation results for version 1.5 released. At that point we will have ±4000 strategies in the system and ±88 billion predictions.
  • MAY 2019

  • We will experience a fast growing number of strategies and simulations in the system, that requires ever-growing calculation power. Therefore, we will release Mirocana Miner product, that will be used by miners to use their GPU and CPU power to backtest strategies and process simulations. Miners will be paid with MR tokens for the work of thier servers.
  • AUGUST 2019

  • Simulation results for version 1.6 released. At that point we will have ±7000 strategies in the system and ±150 billion predictions.
  • 2020

  • We will continue to develop the system and try every possible effort to increase the accuracy of Mirocana predictions.


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George Petrov
Founder and CEO
Evgeniy Ulyanov
Head of Operations
Daria Patanina
Head of Marketing
Vasily Boychuk
Head of Data Science
Alexey Dementyev
Head of Product Development
Daria Shchurik
Head of Analytics
Dmitriy Tolstyakov
Head of Strategies Division
Vlasialav Pochukalin
Head of Design
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Mirocana is a predictions marketplace and investment platform built on artificial intelligence and crowd-based investment information. The platform promises to help investors make money by using the best trading strategies.

Ultimately, the Mirocana whitepaper and website feature some awkward wording and unusual sentences. However, this may be related to translation as opposed to an attempt to deceive investors. As far as we can tell, Mirocana is a legitimate company preparing to launch a self-learning artificial intelligence platform.

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