MINA Protocol

MINA Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants.
Public Sale
Mar 31, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
50% completed
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Goal 18 750 000.00 USD
  • 1 MINA
    0.2 USD
Token Details
Token Distribution
1) Community Distribution (42.3% of Initial Distribution)
1.a) Pre-Mainnet Genesis Members (4.4% of Initial Distribution)
1.b) Community Sale (7.5% of Initial Distribution)
1.c) Project Grants (11.0% of Initial Distribution)
1.d) Supercharged Rewards (4.6% of Initial Distribution)
1.e) Post-Mainnet Genesis Members (8.8% of Initial Distribution)
1.f) SNARK Mining (6.0% of Initial Distribution)

2) Mina Foundation Endowment (6.0% of Initial Distribution)

3) O(1) Labs Endowment (7.5% of Initial Distribution)

4) Backers (20.5% of Initial Distribution)

5) Core Contributors (23.6% of Initial Distribution)

6) Block Rewards
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
O(1) Labs
Registered Country
United States
Company Founded
Oct 1, 2017
Additional Details

About MINA Protocol

Mina is building a privacy-preserving gateway between the real world and crypto — and the infrastructure for the secure, democratic future we all deserve.

Mina is the first cryptocurrency protocol with a succinct blockchain. Current cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum store hundreds of gigabytes of data, and as time goes on, their blockchains will only increase in size. With Mina however, no matter how much the usage grows, the blockchain always stays the same size - about 22kb [1] (the size of a few tweets). This means participants can quickly sync and verify the network.

This breakthrough is made possible due to zk-SNARKs - a type of succinct cryptographic proof. Each time a Mina node produces a new block, it also generates a SNARK proof verifying that the block was valid. All nodes can then store the small proof, as opposed to the entire chain. By not having to worry about block size, the Mina protocol enables a blockchain that is decentralized at scale.

MINA Protocol Roadmap

  • 2021

  • Mainnet launches

    Create composable Snapp logic
    allowing verification to be provided automatically via other Snapps

    Full nodes run on mobile and web
    making MINA the most accessible blockchain, delivering decentralization at scale

    Implement on-chain protocol
    for treasury and budget to empower decentralized voting and decision making



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MINA Protocol Team

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Evan Shapiro
Izaak Meckler
Brandon Kase
Protocol Engineer
Claire Arthurs Kart
Head of Marketing & Community
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