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Midas Gold

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The golden incentive plan for Midas economy on Binance Smart Universe
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About Midas Gold

Midas Gold is another DeFi product after Midas Dollar added to the DeFi ecosystem created by Midas Protocol. Midas Gold (MDG) - The Golden Incentive Plan for Midas Economy on Binance Smart Universe has been born, to reward the stakeholders of Midas Economy such as Mi-Vault, Mi-Dex.

Our Vision

To be one of the most completed, most profitable, billion $ marketcap blockchain technology companies in the world.

Our Mission

To contribute to global adoption of blockchain technology by offering the most completed range of blockchain products and services for both corporate clients and global consumers.


Value creation through applications-focused innovation and customer-oriented creativity. Focus on building human capital and nuture innovative, empowering and inclusive working environment. Always reaching out to build highly creative partnerships for mutual benefits in order to invent and address to new demands/needs for and from the market. Being adoptable, flexible to navigate through everchanging technology landscape


Emission rate:

  • 0.2 MDG/ block in the first week. Then reduce 2.5% every week.

  • As part of Gold Refinery launching, the emission rate is reduced further from 0.195 to 0.1 per block on 20th Mar 2021. Then continue to reduce 2.5% per week from that adjusted rate, till Main Layer $MDG end.

Bonus reward:

  • 0.01 MDO/ block

  • 0.01 bCash/ block

Reward locking:

In the first 10 days (before block #5671000), 75% rewards will be locked and disbursed 2.5% every day from the 11th day to the 50th day (from block #5671000 to block #6823000).

As the result of MDGIP01 with 92.27% agree to implement Loyal Locker, the $MDG rewards distributed after the 10th day will be locked as following schedule:

  • 1st month (day 11-41): lock 70%

  • 2nd month (day 41-56): lock 60%

From day 201 to day 365, you can claim from LoyaltyLocker linearly (~0.6% each day)

** Note: check the restructuring portion below, main layer $MDG farming will only run for 8 weeks (up to 56th day). After that, new MDG tokens are issued only through the conversion bridge.

Buy back and Burn:

Buy back and burn can be viewed at https://midasgold.network/reserve-fund


After more than 2 weeks of release, Midas Gold has issued a total of 100,000 MDG tokens, of which 61,000 tokens are being unlocked and 9,000 tokens are in Reserve Fund. Market cap has reached $ 8 million.

In addition to the main layer ($MDG), the second layer ($MDG2) has also been successfully launched. LoyaltyLocker and Midas Gold Commission proposals have been approved by the community.

After all, we believe that a stable model for Midas Gold's sustainable development could be achieved with the restructuring as follows:

  1. Every layer including the main layer ($MDG), the second layer ($MDG2) and the next layers (layer N) will run only for 8 weeks.

  2. After the main layer is finished, new MDG tokens are issued only through the conversion bridge.

  3. For the main layer, LoyaltyLocker and MdgLocker remain as scheduled.


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3 224
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Midas Gold Team

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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Dr. David Nguyen, Ph...
Chairman & Chief Financial Officer
Ngoc Nguyen
Midas Group Vice President for Technology.
Phillip Phung
Chief Marketing Officer
Long Phan
Chief Operating Officer
Alex Nguyen, Phd
Chief Scientific Officer
Thanh Le
Chief Executive Officer
Duc Nguyen
Chief Technology Officier of Midas Protocol
Hoang Ngo
Chief Technology Officer of Vinex.Network

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