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The firstNFT-constructor on Solana Blockchain. Create your own minifigs and get BRICKZ for staking.
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About Metafigz

Imagine that you can build your favorite constructor and get staking rewards for it! Build your minifigures from their component parts, hold and get staking rewards, or sell unique assembled characters.

A basic Metafigz Citizen consists of head, body and legs. These parts have no rarity and generate the same rewards for staking. Collected full base character brings more staking rewards per day.

Once the basic Metafigz Citizen is built, you can send him to the Academy and train him for a profession. After training, your character receives a random profession of varying rarity, which affects the staking rewards.

After all, the characters have been educated at the Academy, they will start building their Houses. The number of houses is limited and holds several Metafigz. Each Metafigz placed in the house gives additional staking rewards per day. You can rent out the house to other Metafigz holders and receive an additional percent income from their staking.

️This concludes the first stage of our game and begins a new one - the creation of a new city for the future P2E game. But we will announce it separately later.

Stay tuned!


First ever NFT constructor
Build all parts of minifigure and get the basic Metafigz Citizen.

Metafigz Academy
Train your minifigs in the academy and get a profession of varying rarity.

Metafigz Online Store
Online store of merch and real constructors for $BRICKZ only.

Raffles and Auctions
Have a chance to win or buy blue chip NFTs or WLs for $BRICKZ.

$BRICKZ only mints
We will sell the new collections for $BRICKZ
only. Accessories, Pets, Cars, etc.

Metafigz Properties
Build a house out of bricks and rent it out to get more staking rewards.

Metafigz City & Metafigz World
In the future, we plan to establish a new city of built houses and create the P2E game.

Metafigz Roadmap

  • Phase 0

  • • Creation of Metafigz Heads
    • Release Supply
    • Build a community
    • Whitelist and roles released
    • Incentives, competitions and giveaways
  • Phase 1

  • • Developing the staking platform
    • Mint of Metafigz Heads
    • Launch $BRICKZ utility token
    • Start of Metafigz Heads staking
  • Phase 2

  • • Developung the Platform
    • Mint of Metafigz Body and Legs
    • Start building Metafigz Citizen
    • More staking rewards for full Metafigz
  • Phase 3

  • • Education in Metafigz Academy
    • Release rarity
    • Release Metafigz Pro
    • Staking with lockup period and rarity
  • Read More
  • Phase 4

  • • Building houses to get more rewards
    • Developing the Rental platform
    • New NFT collections for $BRICKZ
    • Selling merch, events for $BRICKZ
  • Phase 5

  • Developing the City and P2E game

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