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Meta Triads

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About Meta Triads

TRIADS BENEFITS   Earning Profit Profit shares from the WEB 3.0 Marketplace. Each NFT holder will receive income from the first one-stop fashion marketplace for all 3 worlds: Real, AR, and Metaverse - Integrated with each other.   Exclusive Access Getting exclusive early access on limited fashion drops, that can be sold before official launches. Holders will have the upper hand on all collections.   Joining Tribunal By becoming one of the founders of Triads, holders will receive votes in the Tribunal / DAO. Becoming a community-managed project.   Coin Airdrops Meta Triads NFT holders will be airdropped 9 TRIA$ Per Day. Tria$ - ERC20 standard token will have a future utility on the marketplace by being the main currency of the ecosystem.   NFT Breeding & Airdrops By holding at least 2 Triads, holders will be able to breed a new Gen Δ (Delta) in the parallel universe. Mutating to Gen Delta, holders will be airdropped by new Gen NFTs.   Delta Update A Major Update on March of 30th.   THE STORY There are 3 races in the Triadverse - 3,333 Humans, 3,333 Humanoids, and 3,333 Hybrids. After centuries of war between each other, the planet is exhausted and on the verge of destruction. In the year 3,333 the Chosen, one of a kind of the new race is born, who unites them all for 1 purpose: Mine the last Tria$, planet's main resource, to power intergalactic travel and re-populate the new world.  

Meta Triads Roadmap

  • STAGE 0

  • • $450K Seed fundraised to establish two offices in the hearts of EU (Vienna) & U.S (New York)
    • A team of highly competent members with passion gathered to unite 3 separate worlds.
  • STAGE 1

  • Project Assembles & WL Opens for:
    • Whales and partner organizations
    • Loyal community members, the first of the Triads
    • General public
  • STAGE 2

  • Collection Launch
    • Opensea verification
    • Rarity Sniper integration
  • STAGE 3

  • • DAO - Tribunal voting smart contract integration
    • Launch of the TRIA$ token
    • Triads intergalactic travel enables the Breeding of next-gen deltas
    • Story progression & New Utilities
  • Read More
  • STAGE 4

  • Marketplace launch on:
    • Web 3.0 E-commerce
    • Decentraland
    • Sandbox
    Interverse integration unites all 3 marketplaces


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30 Days Growth:

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