Mercury Protocol

Mercury Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Mercury Protocol is a decentralized protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows applications to integrate Global Messaging Tokens (GMT) as a way to measure and reward user participation within communication platforms.
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Oct 25, 2017
Nov 25, 2017
100% completed
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Platform, Software, Communication

About Mercury Protocol

Modern communication is outdated. Centralized communication platforms built on private servers are only as secure as their weakest defense, user privacy is habitually violated as service providers sell behavioral data to advertisers, and content is restricted to a single platform.

The solution is the Mercury Protocol, an open-source project for communication platforms to utilize decentralized blockchain technology at minimal cost. Any communication platforms that integrate the Mercury Protocol will be able to exchange messages and content, increase user privacy through pseudonymity, leverage tokens to encourage user participation, and provide stronger network security than any private system that has a single point of failure.


1-to-1: Conversations
- Cross platform messaging + content
- Encrypt messages
- Large file size
- Extend lifetime of a message

1-to-Many: Announcements
- Ability to send content to a targeted demographic
- Premium interactions (e.g., special likes or comments)

Many-to-Many: Discussions
- Premium message types (Add visual flair, inline polls, etc.)
- Community-driven moderation

Technical Info

Technical details:  Global Messaging Token (GMT) is an ERC20 standard token built on top of Ethereum. GMT is designed for various utilities in messaging apps. Dust is the first application to use this token, followed by Broadcast. The source code:  The code of the product is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team

Mercury Protocol Roadmap

  • 2014

  • Radical App LLC was founded
    Dust was founded
    Over 1 million messages sent per day
  • 2015

  • In-memory patent application filed
    Blast feature implemented
    5 million messages sent per day
  • 2016

  • 1 million users
    Long polling added
    1 billion messages sent on Dust
  • 2017 August

  • Begin Mercury Protocol development
    GMT token launch announcement. Release whitepaper.
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  • 2017 September

  • Deployed GMT token contracts to Ethereum testnet Rinkeby
    Begin internal admin testing of the smart contracts on the test network
  • 2017 October

  • Independent security audits completed
    Security audits for GMT token smart contacts successfully completed by Open Zeppelin
    GMT token launch
    Launch GMT token smart contracts onto Ethereum mainnet and begin token launch.
    If successfully completed, the GMT token launch will provide us with funding for the next stage of Mercury Protocol development
    Release blog post explaining decentralized governance proposal
    Decentralized governance will allow stakeholders to generate, inspect and vote on proposed updates to the protocol. We will release more details in the blog post.
  • 2017 November

  • Begin implementation of decentralized governance smart contracts
    Complete independent security audits of decentralized governance smart contacts
    GMT Logo
  • 2017 December

  • Launch web UI for decentralized governance
    Ship v1.0.0 of Broadcast
    The Broadcast app project is in pre-alpha, and we are on target to have a first version in market by end of year.
  • 2018+

  • Continue development of Mercury Protocol


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Mercury Protocol Team

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Ryan​ ​Ozonian
Chief Executive Officer
Rohit​ ​Kotian​
Chief Technology Officer
Igor​ ​Shpitalnik​
Lead Backend Engineer
Ian​ ​R.​ ​Connelly​
Project Manager
Preethi​ ​Kasireddy​
Lead Blockchain Developer
Alex​ ​Moir
Blockchain Developer
Elliot​ ​Sperling​
Blockchain Developer
Sameer​ ​Khavanekar
iOS Team Lead
Manju​ ​Deshpande​
iOS Developer
Alex​ ​Rupprecht​
Android Team Lead
Brant​ ​Kortman​
Android Developer
Evan​ ​Albert​
Lead Web Developer
Mayukh​ ​Das​
Software Developer
Michael​ ​Talarczyk​
Lead Systems Engineer
Hon​ ​Ikemura​
Lead Designer


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Mark​ ​Cuban
Nick​ ​Tomaino
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$ 630.089 K
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$ 15.93
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126.81 M GMT
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X 0.1242
ICO Price~$0.0400

Mercury Protocol Reviews

Good ICO structure – there is no bonus/discount to ensure a level playing field.
The messaging app industry is large. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion back in 2014. Snap Inc. also has a market cap of $19 billion as of October 16, 2017. If Mercury Protocol is successful, the upside can be substantial.
The company already has a functioning product, Dust, for a few years.

According to the white paper, the biggest differentiation of Mercury Protocol over currency players (Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.) is that it does not collect user information and monetize it. However, we are not sure how many users actually care about this, as long as they can use all the necessary functions for free and enjoy the user experience.
Since the messaging industry is large, it is very competitive. The industry also enjoys enormous network effect, so most users would not want to try a new messaging app when none of their friends are using it.
If Dust and Broadcast are not popular after integrating with Mercury Protocol, it would be difficult for third party developers to take the plunge and build applications on top of Mercury Protocol.
The project will implement state channels and oracles – looks like it is a pretty complicated project and may face a lot of challenges during development.
The use case is rather limited compared to Status, its closest competitor. Status’ use cases include running dApps, sending payments, storing cryptocurrency, which cannot be done by the Mercury Protocol.

Overall, we are neutral about this ICO both for its short-term potential and long-term potential. Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:
For short-term holding:
Neutral. Even with Mark Cuban as an investor, the project is not very hyped. Neither the Telegram nor Slack channel are very active. However, the hard cap is relatively low so it has the potential to be filled quickly.
Note: There is no gas or contribution limit for registered participants so you probably want to set a high gas in order to have a high chance for your transaction to go through.
For long-term holding:
Neutral. If the project is successful, it can tap into a multibillion industry. With a detailed development roadmap, the team looks like they know what they are doing.
However, Dust is an old and unsuccessful app and we don’t believe integrating the Mercury Protocol is going to help turn it around. It is unclear how different Broadcast is from Dust.
The project has many uphill battles to fight – the substantial network effect enjoyed by the dominant players, and building/reviving messaging apps and make them successful.
If the protocol is proved to be good, other messaging apps will add the same functionalities and let people use it for free. We believe it is going to be difficult for the model to work.

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Mercury Protocol aims to change the way humans communicate with one another in a digital environment. The Mercury Protocol uses the blockchain to provide better security, a trustless system, and a decentralized P2P messaging platform. It takes data ownership away from centralized corporations and puts it back in the hands of users.

In the future, the Mercury Protocol aims to integrate with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other major tech products. In the near-term, however, the company will implement the Mercury Protocol onto its two apps, Dust and Broadcast, before the end of the year. Dust is a secure messaging app while Broadcast is a more secure version of Twitter.

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