Mastercloud Secure

Mastercloud Secure

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Created using Figma
Block chain technology and the cryptographic cryptography market are growing at an astonishing rate, thousands of new entrants enter the world every day, many top crypto curls are working to ensure network stability and security I am using a proof (hardware mining) algorithm. The number of ASIC miners that are connected to the world in huge mining businesses and individuals that consume a lot of electricity is very bad for the environment.
May 25, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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As security is our biggest concern, Masternode Servers will be hosted with the best and most secure providers in the market, Masternodes collateral will be held by MASTERCLOUD in high security vault installations and masternode hosting will be done trough a third party provider, we will hire skilled security companies to ensure online and physical security of Masternodes. Operation revenue will be automatically transferred to ETH, to ensure secure distribution to token holders trough Smart Contracts. Once a masternode is dead or not generating income, MASTERCLOUD will sell collateral for ETH at best possible price and distribute trough dividends if there is not an option to replace the dead MN, we will only host well established Masternode Coins with 24hr trading volume of more than 100k USD and Market cap higher than 10 million USD, we will never risk betting on new MN coins unless they reach this criteria, dividend payment process will be fully automated trough smart contracts MASTERCLOUD will reinvest 15% of all dividends into new node instances to ensure profitability and 5% for operational costs, 80% will be distributed weekly to token holders. Masternodes will have a 1 year cycle in which collaterall will be sold and distributed among token holders. All crypto related investment is high risk and you should not invest more than you can afford to loose, by aquiring tokens you are lending ETH or BTC to us to have access to service benefits by being a token holder. TOKEN INFORMATION Mastercloud will Develop a fully secure and regulated ERC-20 compliant Token (PND) built on top of Ethereum Network and it will be audited by the best in the field. You need to store your PND in your Ethereum wallet in order to get access to our operation service. Operation revenue will be distributed amongst token holders in ETH each Fortnight, no FIAT is involved in process


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Gabriel González
P. Mori
Blockchain Developer


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Kartik Sef

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Gabriel González
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Hi, as founder of the project i believe Mastercloud can be a revolutionary project in terms of collective cryptocurrency collection, we aim for great results and still have a long way to go. Please visit our website and read our whitepaper so you can see the potential!

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