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Masonic Temple

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The Masonic Temple is a platform where both Freemasons and non-Masons, enthusiasts of royal art and spiritual growth, connect to a new world in the metaverse.
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About Masonic Temple

The offer is very diverse and subscribers can have different levels of participation and intervention in public and private VR and AR events. Access to the platform allows access to important and very diverse content, through various sources, such as Masonic Libraries; podcasts on current topics about Masonic life and society in general; meetings and exclusive places in "The Masonic Temple" metaverse where the lodges of the most varied rites can organize ceremonies and private events open to the Masonic and non-Masonic public.

We strongly believe in the true ownership of digital assets in this new era, which is why tokenized assets and blockchain-based characters, avatars and wearables will revolutionize the industry and consequently the way we view Freemasonry today. All users will have the opportunity to earn with our token and be rewarded for contributing to the success of this unique and ambitious project.


This explanation aims to set out an overview of how and why Freemason’s evolution in to an Metaverse is inevitable. The time frame for this to take place is elastic. Part is driven by the technology, part by existing Freemason’s acceptance to a metaverse lodge, which I predict will be binary, as some will be adamantly against the idea saying “its not real Freemasonry”.

As I will try to explain, “what we believe becomes real”, this is the spiritual essence of the human being and we are spiritual beings and not beings made of matter.


MASONIC TEMPLE token ($UNIK) is our native BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

UNIK shall be listed on at least one Decentralized Exchange shortly following its initial token sale, and will become available to the public for exchange and trading. Any unsold tokens will be retained and allocated to the Platform Development and growth of the Masonic Temple Ecosystem its community and partners.



One of the most important uses of non-fungible tokens is the art market. At some point in our lives, we have all visited a museum, seen spectacular works of art and in some cases at auctions been very impressed with the value. One of the reasons contributing to these high values is the simple fact that they are unique and nothing better or remotely like that same work can ever be created again.


The Masonic temple will have the first Masonic library in the metaverse with a rich and inspiring diversity of contents, covering the most diverse authors and rites practiced in Universal Freemasonry. The library of "THE MASONIC TEMPLE" intends to be a cultural, interactive and global forum, of Masonic and philosophical inspiration. The hundreds of books and writings for consultation by all members in more than 6 languages will be a knowledge center where there will be the possibility for authors to add their written works to a library committed to being a universal reference in modern Freemasonry, but always firmly anchored to the its basic Masonic principles and origins.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings. This environment is perceived through a device known as a Virtual Reality headset or helmet. VR allows us to immerse ourselves in video games as if we were one of the characters, learn how to perform heart surgery or improve the quality of sports training to maximise performance.

Although this may seem extremely futuristic, its origins are not as recent as we might think. In fact, many people consider that one of the first Virtual Reality devices was called Sensorama, a machine with a built-in seat that played 3D movies, gave off odours and generated vibrations to make the experience as vivid as possible

The metaverse is a virtual world that users will connect to, using a range of devices to create a 100% immersive experience welcoming a new chapter for the Internet. The Metaverse has become the new macro target for the world's tech giants.


The metaverse is a virtual world that users will connect to, using a range of devices to create a 100% immersive experience welcoming a new chapter for the Internet. The Metaverse has become the new macro target for the world's tech giants. Epic Games, Unreal Engine, Oculus VR, Horizon and many projects such as augmented reality glasses and brain-machine communication interfaces.

The amount of money that will be invested over the next decade is based on the trend that new technologies will underpin our virtual future online and offline.

Masonic Temple Roadmap

  • 2022 Q1

  • Launch of Website & Social networks ✅
    Whitepaper Publication on Gitbook ✅
    Private Pre-Sale for early Investor & Contributors
  • 2022 Q2

  • Masonic Airdrop Event from our NFT Collection
    Token UNIK Listing on DEX PancakeSwap
  • 2022 Q3

  • Design of NFT Marketplace
    Design 3D project of Masonic Temple Gardens and Museum
    Design 3D project Development of Masonic Library
    Launch of Staking Platform for UNIK token
    Summer solstice meeting in the metaverse
  • 2022 Q4

  • Launch of Masonic ART NFT Marketplace
    Buy of lands in the metaverse
    Development of VR platform for Masonic sessions
    2 Masonic Airdrops Events from our NFT Collections
    Collection of Wearables
    Winter solstice masonic session in the metaverse for subscribers
  • Read More
  • 2023 Q1

  • Agenda of conferences and events in
    First Masonic event open to the general public in the metaverse
    Connect Physical Lodges with VR for Masonic Lodges
  • 2023 Q2

  • Launch of the biggest Masonic Library
    Launch of VR meetings for Masonic Lodges linked to the metaverse
    Access to private rites exclusive for NFT Key members
    York Rite
    Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
    Rite of Scotland Ratified
    Portuguese Rite
    Access to private Masonic training exclusive for NFT Key members
  • 2023 Q3

  • Construction of ritual stores in the metaverse
    Development of First Masonic Game
  • 2023 Q4

  • Deeper integration of all products
    Launch of more Metaverse products
    Release of Alpha version of Masonic Game
    Development of Masonic Private Social Network
  • 2024 Q1

  • Alpha - Early Access to Masonic Private Social Network
  • 2024 Q2

  • Lauch the templars temple


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Chief financial officer (CFO)
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