Martian Army

Martian Army

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The Martian Army is a collection of 2,222 randomly generated 1080x1080 pixel NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each Martian is unique and comes with different visual traits and gaming attributes varying in rarity.
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Martian Army Roadmap

  • Apr 2022

  • ›Wave 1 Release of 2,222 Martians
    ›Staking Spaceship Genesis for passive earning
    ›$MARS Token Launch
    ›Mini Games incubator for new creators
  • May 2022

  • ›We will list on Alpha-Art, MagicEden and other secondary markets
    ›Deploy rarity in multiple Websites
    ›Discord channel to floor discussion, networking, meet-ups, exclusive holder events
  • Jun 2022

  • ›Stargate Web 3.0
    ›Exclusive access to Stargate web if you own at least 1 Martian
    ›Vote for the releases
    ›Spaceship 2 (Higher yields)
    ›Merchandise drop
  • Jul 2022

  • ›222 Limited Edition Expansion [Special Forces] with extra strength on attack for gaming
    ›Early access to future collections
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  • Aug 2022

  • ›Open Call for 10 Developers
    ›Community vote on 5 for Martian Army to invest
    ›Incubator 3,0 Breath your unique 2Gen baby Martians (New Artist every Quarter)
  • Sep 2022

  • ›You can evolve you baby Martian into a full adult using $MARS
    ›Open Call for New Artist for next Edition, Incubator, and Evolution traits
  • Oct 2022

  • ›Governance Token for Voting rights
    ›Martian Army DAO creation
  • Nov 2022

  • ›Special (Free) 22 Limited Edition Drop for owners and biggest supporters of Martian Army (the most NFTs holded in the first 6 months of project)
    ›Special Edition will come with a package future Governance Tokens included (1%/22 of the DAO)
  • Dec 2022

  • ›On-Chain Randomize 2nd Wave
    ›Live Dropping Event
    ›Wave 2 Release of the Martian Army arrives
  • Jan 2023

  • DAO vote for 2 new Artist for 2023 collections
    DAO vote for 8 new Artist for 2023 Incubator & Evolution machines
    ›Spaceship 3 (Higher yields & monthly lockdown)
  • Feb 2023

  • ›Special Limited Expansion Package (EP1) from Wave 1 [222 items]
    ›Spaceship 4 (yields TBD)
  • Mar 2023

  • ›DAO Annual General Meeting
    ›2023/2024 roadmap
    ›Profits Projections
  • Q2 2023

  • ›Beta launching of Battle for Earth 3.0
    ›Wave 3 Release of Martian Army new Collection (New Artist decide by the DAO)
  • Q3 2023

  • ›(Beta Launch) Every NFT owner will have there plot of land/s on Martian the Metaverse
    ›Special Limited Expansion Package (EP1) from Wave 2 [222 items]
  • Q4 2023

  • ›Wave 4 Release of Martian Army new Collection (New Artist voted by the DAO)
    ›Martian Army sponsored SpaceX Mars mission (voted by DAO)


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1 661
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Martian Army Team

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Oluap Adiemla
Chief Artist
Lord Semaj
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Web3.0
Mas Aksala
Chief Story Officer
Zav Olegna
Chief Brand Officer
Solana Architect
Gaming Architect


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Queen Nnej
Advisor & Angel Investor
Lexa Retniw
Advisor & Angel Investor
Oicirbaf Vc
Advisor & Angel Investor

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