Mars Doodle

Mars Doodle

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Be one of the 8888 doodles ready to colonise Mars, get your VIP mint pass now and join the crew!
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About Mars Doodle

We are in 2029, the Interstellar Exploration Agency is going to launch its first manned mission to Mars: New Gravity. 8888 Doodles, in particular engineers, biochemists or astronauts have been selected thanks to their particular skills and trained in order to colonise the red planet and raise the human species in a new dimension: Interstellar.

Mars Doodle Roadmap

  • April 2022

  • The private company Interstellar Exploration Agency was created to launch new space conquests throughout our solar system.
  • July 2022

  • Get your seat! Mint your VIP Mint Pass and enjoy all its benefits!
  • September 2022

  • Don't miss the launch of the first ever manned mission to Mars!
  • November 2022

  • Hold your Doodles and get rewarded! For every Doodle you hold, you earn $MDDL that will quickly come in handy for this Mars mission.
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  • November 2022

  • Play and Earn $MDDL Token daily though our Play To Earn Game!
  • December 2022

  • An unknown energy source that seems to come from an extraterrestrial life form has been discovered. Be ready to discover NEW DIMENSION.


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