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Marbcoin ICO
The blockade is powered by a real estate investment platform with a new blockbin based program dedicated to the purchase, sale and financing of residential and commercial real estate. The opening of the notebook is more transparent, trust and reduction of costs. We would like to offer you an application that is clearly in the real estate market and, above all, is cheaper. A program that allows, for example, to obtain funding at home. Thus, when buying houses or commercial property is no longer needed by traditional parties, as we know today. The new crypto currency supported by smart contracts is available to purchase a reduced rate.
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Nov 15, 2018
Dec 15, 2018
100% completed
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Cap 5 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 25 000 000.00 USD
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About MarbCoin

A new blockchain-based application, dedicated to the purchase, sale and financing of residential and commercial real estate. The openness of the blockchain leads to more transparency, trust and also to lower costs.

We want to offer an application that makes the real estate market clearer and, above all, cheaper. An application that makes it easier, for example, to obtain financing for a home. So that when purchasing a house or a commercial property, it is no longer necessary to make use of the traditional parties as we know today.

In order to maintain our blockchain, we have introduced the crypto currency MarbCoin. The new crypto currency MarbCoin with support for smart contracts is now available for purchase at a reduced rate.

MarbCoin was founded by people from real estate sector and IT specialists from the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. We have a large network of international real estate investors and many real estate agents, with which we try to speed up the acceptance of the MarbCoin among real estate specialists.


Real estate blockchain useage examples

Below are some examples of how our blockchain and application can be used. The blockchain application is still under development and in the future we will continue to work on the application to add more functions.

Purchase and sale of residential and commercial property

In the MarbCoin application someone can list a home or commercial property for sale. This will then appear in the application and associated website(s) as for sale.

As soon as someone wants to buy an object and wants to know everything about it, they can use our blockchain. With our application it is possible to track exactly who the previous owners of the object were and also the previous sales prices are available. Contractors can add any renovations to the "Property Profile". Additional data may include energy labels, taxes, etc.

With a click on your smartphone you can retrieve all the data of a certain object at once.

As soon as all data is known, you can make an offer for that home or business property via the application. And if both parties agree, a (smart) contract can be drawn up automatically.

The traditional real estate agent can work much faster, and in some cases is no longer needed at all.


A person wants to buy a house or a commercial property and needs a financing/mortgage to do so. With MarbCoin it is possible to create a (smart) contract with all the data of the property and the financing details, all the data ends up in the blockchain. On the basis of this data, third parties, who may be private individuals or companies, may offer financing for the object.

Because all data is public and everything can be easily checked by everyone, the costs are much lower than currently is the case with traditional banks. In addition, our own currency, the MarbCoin, can be used to finance objects and repay the outstanding debt.

Property management

Our application makes the management of an existing property simpler and clearer. The rental data such as which tenants are there, rents and whether a property is empty or not will be directly visible in the blockchain. This data is also important when selling the object.

Maintenance contracts can be added and complied to with smart contracts. In case of a sale of the propery, all this data can be used by the next owner.

This application is also suitable for hotels where the management and rental of rooms can be easily tracked. On top of this a separate booking module can be made.

Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate becomes a lot more transparent because all the data of the property and the investment are publicly available in the blockchain. This shows whether something has been rented out, for how long and at what price. Possible maintenance and insurances are also visible.

In our new app, which runs entirely on our new blockchain, it is easy to create smart contracts for the financing and management of real estate properties.

Machine Learning

We are currently doing research whether we can have the asking price and rental price determined by computers. Using photos, location and existing data from the blockchain, we can use "Machine Learning" to determine a realistic price.

Technical Info

Smart Contracts

For our application it is crucial to have support for Smart Contracts. Ethereum is by far the most popular Smart Contract Blockchain available. Besides Ethereum, there are also several other Blockchain technologies, such as Neo and Stratis, but we believe that Ethereum currently has the best support for this.

Rootstock also offers a Smart Contracting alternative that is Bitcoin compatible. While we certainly recognize Rootstock's potential, our experience has convinced us that with Ethereum, our application will be much more quickly available to the public at the moment.

MarbCoin Roadmap

  • Q3 2018

  • MarbCoin Sale, coin/token sale and distribution
  • Q4 2018

  • Full app development
    Blockchain development and migration from Ethereum tokens (depending if hardcap is reached).
  • Q2 2019

  • App deployment


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