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Created using Figma
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About Mammut Media

Welcome! Take a walk with us. March amongst a vast herd of individuals whose only destination is the raging river of knowledge and truth the parched world refuses to drink from. Composed of barrier breakers, free speech facilitators, passionate resurrectionists, and platform pioneers; Mammut Media is an exclusive NFT art collection that aims to graciously trample the twisted weeds of false integrity and personal biases suffocating society. All of which have unfortunately crippled the collective foundation of how we receive, deliver and interpret information through various forms of traditional and modern mass communication.

Can you feel that!? There’s been a major shift in the climate and a thunderous quake about. Global warming has melted a few of the most iconic glaciers in the world and revealed a prominent species once lost under the frost of the unforgiving blizzard we know as history. Serving as a beacon of equalized connectivity and outreach, Mammut’s have been reborn to protect the sanctity of public documentation and reignite the enthusiasm heavily stitched within the search of universal wisdom and the immovable stance provided through undebatable fact. Now, this is no opinion: There is no other creature trekking this planet that combines the beauty of innovative visual creation along with the fiery ambition of seeking to popularize distinctive, intelligent, and independent publication.

We know this world doesn’t possess too many symbols of hope these days. Luckily, Mammut’s are here to help strengthen that forgotten faith in progress. I mean, who would heroes be to us if they didn’t have the ability to restore power in that wavering belief?

Personal sovereignty is the main goal here at Mammut Media. To maintain that sovereignty, we’re fostering an environment that houses the immense rainbow of voices needed to paint the irreplaceable tapestry of this richly diverse and ever-growing culture of humanity. Our mission as a species shouldn’t be based upon the political, financial, or theological influence of any one subsection of beings. It should be based on the righteous cause of ownership and accountability. We all originate from the same tribe; we’re all a part of the same mass, like a droplet of water that’s finally realized that it’s a single bead of a whole unexplored ocean. It’s inevitable that our different perspectives will occasionally produce a frictional sting between our shared existence, but soon enough, we must come to trust and remember that regardless of whether or not one’s path seems foreign to our own – we still travel together in the same direction on a journey through the relentless tundra we call life.

Mammut Media Roadmap

  • Q3 2022

  • Launch
    We will publicly launch sometime in mid-August with a unique 10,000 piece collection on the Solana blockchain.
  • Q4 2022

  • Platform
    Once we launch, we will use the proceeds to finance a new type of Web3 platform, something no one has ever conceived or attempted before. Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this movement...
  • Q4 2022

  • Collaboration
    Our team will strategically partner with different companies that support the vision of our diversified platform, providing us with a larger following and eager contributors. Potential future drops could include the “$Mammut token”, which will be used to incentivize people to contribute to the Mammut Media platform and attract new viewers.
  • Q1 2023

  • Other Potential Projects
    Once the platform is up and running, we may be launching another NFT series on the Solana ecosystem along with a matured version of Media Mammuts back on the ETH network.


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