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Mamasan Inu runs Pink Blossom house of pleasure. With more doges going to space and the moon, customers are running low for Mamasan Inu back on Earth.
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About Mamasan

In order to keep her stable of customers and Geisha Doges together, Mamasan Inu has constructed the most generous BSC token you'll find in the Defi crypto universe. She redistributes tokens, does a lucky lottery, buy backs, markets the f* out her house and makes your money work for you in a safe Defi ecosystem.

Reward #1

Mamasan's House Rewards

Sit back and let us do the work for you.

Every 2 HOURS she incorporates a first of its kind reward timer wallet. 5% of every transaction goes into this wallet. Every 2 hours you hold, you will be directly sent CAKE tokens from this wallet proportionate to how many tokens you are holding. Buyers and sellers are treated the same except HOLDERS get rewards.

HODL MAMASAN and earn: Minimum token required to earn CAKE: 20,000 MAMASAN

Reward #2

Mamasan's House Lottery

MAMASAN Inu’s lottery system will be like none other. A 5% transaction fee will fund our "Mamasan's House" and that bulging wallet will be completely drained by one of our expert Geisha as she randomly picks a winner when the wallet hits its climax at 10 BNB. We’ll repeat this process non-stop. Every 10 BNB accumulated a new winner is chosen.

HODL MAMASAN to WIN: Minimum token required to win lottery: 20,000 MAMASAN

Reward #3

Housekeeping and Promotions

Mamasan Inu’s will be constantly monitoring the movement of customers and 3% fund on all transactions to keep the house clean and inviting while buying commercials and ads across the backpages of the internet to bring in new customers.

Mamasan Roadmap

  • Phase 1
    Developing the most generous contract ever
    Social Media Marketing
    Pre launch Marketing
  • Phase 2
    1st Base
    Launch website
    CoinMarketCap and Coingecko Listing
    Token Release on PancakeSwap
    Social media and influencer marketing
    5,000 loyal hodlers
    Hundreds of Mamasan's House winners announced
  • Phase 3
    HODL for Climax
    More CEX Listings
    20,000 loyal hodlers
    20,000 active members on tg and twitter
    1,000 Mamasan's House Winners
  • Phase 4
    Release and Ecstasy
    1B market cap
    Continue marketing and get us to the moon


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

5 716 087

Mamasan Last News

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