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Magnet DAO

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Magnet DAO is a crypto incubator that uses its treasury to cultivate, incubate, and invest in early-stage crypto projects.
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About Magnet DAO

Magnet DAO is the evolution of the reserve currency protocol. The DAO uses its protocol controlled value to reward token holders with exceptional yields. At the same time, it uses its treasury reserves to invest in and incubate innovative projects.

Unlike first-generation reserve currency protocols, the goal of Magnet DAO isn’t just to grow its market cap and treasury from bonding. Instead, Magnet DAO uses 10% of bond profits to invest in high-quality crypto assets, effectively turning the DAO into an on-chain venture fund. The DAO will also help incubate and build projects from the earliest stages. All tokens acquired by the DAO will be owned by the treasury, creating exponential value and unmatched upside for investors.

Magnet DAO is the next stage of the tried and tested reserve currency model. While building a sufficient treasury is important for a protocol, the portfolio management of that treasury is equally as important. We are hyper focused on putting the treasury to use to generate return, including building, incubating, and investing in early-stage projects: opportunities that are typically not available to the average investor. We will also be exploring ways to generate risk-free return on our stablecoins, in order to turn them into productive assets.

Magnet DAO Roadmap

  • Q1 2022

  • Launch MAG protocol and liquidity

    CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Listings

    DAO proposals for Magnet DAO begin - tokenomics, treasury management, innovation fund deployment, etc.

    Receive preliminary audit results from Paladin

    Propose various upgrades for the protocol - such as variable-rate ROI for bonding based on length of vesting, adding bonus rewards for diamond hands stakers, “zapping” liquidity for easier bonding

    Investment Thesis Call with DAO for Development and Incubation Strategy Outline
  • Q2 2022

  • Begin developing, incubating, and funding new protocols using the Innovation Fund

    Begin development or incubate a novel, liquid-staking solution for stablecoins, native to AVAX

    Magnet DAO begins to incubate and invest in projects, helping early-stage crypto projects with building their protocols and providing funding from the innovation fund in return for tokens, which Magnet DAO treasury will receive and hold
  • Q3 2022

  • Integrate native DAO tooling to make management seamless and integrated

    Promote key contributors to leadership positions in the DAO

    License our DAO tooling to other DAO’s looking for a management system

    Continue to develop, incubate, and fund new protocols and get the DAO involved as much as possible in new initiatives


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

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