Mad Wolfers Club

Mad Wolfers Club

Created using Figma
MAD WOLFERS CLUB is a collection of limited edition NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain. Each avatar is hand drawn and possesses a distinct combination of attributes. Join the Mad Wolfers world of Madness
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About Mad Wolfers Club

Mad Story

The Mad Wolfers was created after a graphite sketch, winter 2022. The name wolfer comes from the wolf hunters in the USA in the 1800s. Thousands of wolves were killed, for their skin. Just for a few dollars. The Mad Wolfers are crossing of wolf and human, and they are MAD and ready to enter the NFT Space & META Verse. The Mad Wolfers Club will give 2% of the royalties back to the wolves. 

Mad Wolfers Club Roadmap

  • 1. THE START In February 2022, the design idea started as a graphite drawing, and later developed nicely over to digital art.

    Primarily designed to be PFP NFTs.

  • 2. THE MAKING In June 2022, 10K unique Mad Wolfers were auto-generated with over 120 traits.
  • 3. FIRST DROPS In July 2022, the first Instagram posts, Twitter posts. The Mad Wolfer Team was official. Mad Wolfer and Mad Max teamed up and the Discord community was established.

  • 4. 10 THOUSAND NFTs 1st of September 2022, 10K Mad Wolfers will be out for Mint.
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  • 5. COLLABS AND EVENTS We will collaborate with other NFT projects. Our holders will then be granted benefits and rewards such as giveaways, free WL spots, and be able to attend special events inside our social media.
  • 6. MERCHANDISE At 75% of the NFT collection sold out we will start the MadWolfersClub merchandise. Merch will be available on our homepage.
  • 7. MAD WOLFERESSE A Mad Wolferesse Collection is planned to be launched in 2023 as a perfect match to the Mad Wolfers.


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