Love Coins

Love Coins

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Love Platform is a way to digitally recognise and acknowledge your love or commitment for another. There are four ways to demonstrate your commitment: "Eternal Commitment" with our "Blockchain Marriage" registrar and certificate service "Reoccuring Commitment" with our "Date & Event Lock" service - for anniversaries or creating a public day of celebration just for yourself and your loved one "Exclusive Commitment" with our "Love Blocks" feature that names and inscribes current or future blocks exclusively for you, and for all to see. "Playful Commitment" with our "Virtual Hearts" product that will be tradable virtual assets on the Love Platform itself.
May 10, 2018
Jun 21, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
  • 5000 LOVE
    1 ETH
Mar 10, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Hard cap 2 000.00 ETH
  • 8000 LOVE
    1 ETH
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Cryptocurrency, Health, Smart Contract

About Love Coins

We present a decentralized model for human connection that uses blockchain technology to attract users through gift giving gesture services and attract investors through distribution of platform profits to token holders. Removing a centralised entity for connecting individuals and instead leveraging blockchain technology enables "Love Platform" to permanently "engrave" messages and gestures in a manner that portrays an ultimate commitment of adoration or love. These eternal gestures of love or marriage in an immutable public blockchain highlights the value proposition of "Love Platform". In addition to decentralised benefits of blockchains (in particular Ethereum), are the Smart Contracts that enable financial asset transfers to execute based off pre-programmed and unchangeable logic. The smart contract that underpins the execution of all “Love Platform” functions equitably rewards investors with Ether from user purchases based off their respective percentage holding of "Love Coin" Tokens. The "Love Platform" will be a new platform for creating, maintaining and developing relationships using smart contracts. "Love Coin" tokens will offer investors a 50% ownership & profits of the "Love Platform" which offers users an exciting selection of methods to interact with their loved ones, future loved ones & blockchain technology.

Love Coins Roadmap

  • March 2018

  • Love Coins Pre-Sale
  • May 2018

  • Love Coins Initial Coin Offering (Crowd sale)
  • June 2018

  • Smart Contract Development and Audits
  • August 2018

  • Love Platform GUI Development
  • Read More
  • October 2018

  • Client Website Development
  • November 2018

  • Final Ethereum Smart Contract Regression Testing, Unit Testing, Scale Testing and Final Audits
  • December 2018

  • Christmas Marketing Campaign
    Go Live and Release


30 Days Growth:
5.0 17
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